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Yong Pan

Now I do regular update for hot stocks such as AAPL, GOOGL, FB, NFLX, TSLA, BABA (Page 3) and the most commonly traded ETFs such as IBB, IYR, GDX, as well as all sector SPDRs (Page 4). The previous international indices coverage, such as $DAX, $SSEC and $TSX, is now on page 4. The Non-Stop trading system is numbered 4.2.0 on page 7. I'll keep adding new charts in the following days.

Chart 0.1.1 is frequently updated during the regular trading hours. You're welcome to my intra-day discussion forum where I keep calling the market the entire regular trading hours, LIVE and FREE! Click the link on the left side of the screen for my intra-day live update.

I also provide weekly stock picks. You can find the link to those picks on the left side of the screen as well.

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1.6.0 USO Daily

1.7.0 GLD Daily

1.8.0 GDX Daily

1.A.0 AAPL Daily

1.B.0 GOOGL Daily

1.C.0 AMZN Daily

1.D.0 FB Daily

1.E.0 NFLX Daily

1.F.0 TSLA Daily

1.G.0 BABA Daily

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