New-Wave Elliott Big Picture Monthly and 2-hour views for long / short ETFs & Indeces

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Elliott Wave Analysis

Apr 5, 2017 Sold UGZ off open, New orders to Buy DGAZ & DWT

Apr 1, 2017 New SWING Trading signal, sold UWT off open; Buy DWT see page 3

March 30, 2017 to facilitate reading, I have ordered the charts to show the Big Picture Monthly Chart for each asset class first, followed by the (long/short) 2-hour ETF
currently invested in BOLD,
Finally by the reciprocal ETF in normal type. You can collow the sequence of trades since January, There are 5 pages scrolled, at the end of each,
you must click NEXT

The top chart of the LONG WAVE Count since 1900 is only availablle via this link otherswise it gets hacked out of recognition see foryourselves on chart 9zz near the bottomof the list!

These changes attempt fo compensate for the loss of colored text in the WORD version, and required due to HACKING, which blocked sending email all attachments and links in email

For those of you who are not yet clients, this is a short-term opportunity to preview Exceptional Bear's Market Timing service for free

Fololow the link below to see for yourself how hacking has stolen avatars, the markers for the Public Stockcharts

Nov 28, 2016 - Documented Hacking on Stockcharts$26+Votes+final.pdf -Avatars put BACK Dec 1, 2016


1a S&P 500 Monthly arithmetic scale

Big Picture S&P Monthly

Each Bearish plunge begins with an echoing, Bearish Diag II, the one in the top right corner above in monthly increments is magnified below in Daily shapshots...the Spike from the Small, Bullish Diag II in 1987 geared up the Bull, just as its reciprocal, Bearish Diag II heralds the Cataclysm

1b $SPX Daily

Big Picture S&P Daily

1c $SPX - 30 min Zoom


Sold Long to Go Short at the Close 2164.2 Nov 14

Sold SPX short @ 2132

Nov 8 (Timer digest uses the close 2139)

LONG at the close 2150.49 Oct 4

Covered short SPX limit 2145 Oct 4

The Wick ending in b purple indicates a reversal to the downside

2a VIX Bear Index - Monthly 2

The Big Picture $VIX Volatility Index

is the index echoed in UVXY above, the longest 5th occurs after magnitude gears up in or after the 4th wave, The Spike in the $VIX is the CRASH in long equities, extremely low bond yields virtually insure a 'recession' ahead, highly underestimated concurrent with abnormally low volatility is analogous to the calm before the storm

2b SVXY D 2

SVXY unlevered Inverse volatility

2d $USD - Monthly

The Big Picture Dollar index

peaked at 104, in Jan, and this is the reversal into a DIVE...note that the

previous 4th of one lesser degree was matched at 99 long ago

3 Bearish Correlations to SPKE in the Crash

Big Picture Correlations between all long asset classes
All inverse Asset Classes set to SPIKE in the CRASH; Short Dollar, Short T-bonds, Short all US Stcoks, Short Europe, Australia & the Far East, Short Emerging Markets.... Gold, Oil, Gas and the Euro are winners in the CRASH!

3 GOLD - Monthly

Big Pictrue Gold vs. US Equities

GOLD overbought SHORT GOLD June 23. after a pull back, Gold to Begin a Bear Market Rally to a new, all-time High

3 Spot GOLD - Daily

Sold Spot gold short at the Close on Tues 7 Feb 1239.5
cover Gold short limit 1190 open order
(LOW 11.94 Mar 11 missed it by 0.04, we may have another chance in the b reversal)
Sold long gold at the close on Friday Jan 20 1201.5 cost $1268.80 Wed, Oct 5
Covered short Gold at the close Wed, Oct 5 $1268.80/oz.

3c Silver - Continuous Contract Monthly (EOD) ($SILVER)

Big Picture Silver Monthly

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