7300 Mogul Investment Club Stop-Loss Update

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Bought back into MG
A number of portfolio stocks are forming a Stage 3 Top

Stage Analysis (16 stocks):
Stage 1 basing: 2 (DIS, ZJO)
Stage 2 advancing: 7
Stage 3 top: 7 (LNR, PWF, QCOM, SBUX, SWKS, THO XOM)
Stage 4 declining:

Stop updates this month:
COST from $158.75 to $162.50
CSCO from $36.15 to $37.75
MA from $150 to $155.67
V from $110.32 to $112.50

Stop updates last month:
AMGN from $150 to $166.75
COST from $147.50 to $158.75 (Yes)
CSCO from $34.40 to $36.15
MA from $143.75 to $150
RDS from $58 to $59.75
SBUX from $49.75 to $50.75
SWKS from $80 to $91.75
V from $107.50 to $110.32
XOM from no stop to $ $73.75 (No)

Stocks in Buy Zone:

Since the last meeting (before the correction):
52-week highs:
all-time highs:

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