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'WAIT' for SUPPLY to spike above 1300

'GET READY' when SUPPLY Spikes above 1300

'BUY' when SUPPLY moves back below 1300 after being above 1300

'SELL' when either the SD20EMA moves below its own 5MA or when the SD20EMA moves below zero

Between signals 'CASH' is the position


#0.1 Daily Supply and Demand Analysis in One Chart

I have added this chart and notes from own DecisionPoint Market Analysis page here

This daily chart should be reviewed every day. If the 20-day EMA (green) is above the 50-day EMA (purple), the intermediate-term trend is bullish.
If the 50-day EMA (purple) is above the 200-day EMA (blue), the long-term trend is bullish.

I've also included my own supply and demand indicators on the bottom and top of the chart to see how they all line up.

#0.1.0 $SPX - 1 hour Candlesticks, 1024

#0.1.1 Supply and Demand (5 Month)

#1.0 2009 / 2010

#1.1 2010 / 2011

#1.2 2011 / 2012

#1.3 2012 / 2013

#1.4 2013 / 2014

$SPX - Daily Solid Line, 1024

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