Energy Market Summary

Tony Sciarrabba

Energy Market Summary for week ending Friday March 16, 2018:

Suncor warns of Q1 production shortfall ... Enbridge seeks dance partner for Narrows Lake ... Encana CEO relocating to Denver ... Cdn crude output hits record 4.2M bbl/day ... Enbridge clears major hurdle in Minnesota on Line 3 ... MLPs get creamed on elimination of tax credits ... Global stockpiles start rising again, after 7 months of declines ... Statoil's plan to become a little less oily

Complete summary:
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0020 Cdn Crude Oil Index ETF

0021 Brent Crude

1. 30-Nov-16: 1.8 million bpd OPEC/Russia production cut

0022 Brent Futures Curve

0023 WTI Crude

1. 30-Nov-16: 1.8 million bpd OPEC/Russia production cut
2. 16-Nov-17: 590,000 bpd Keystone pipeline shutdown

0024 WTI Futures Curve

Note (1) 16-Nov-17: Outage of 590,000 bpd Keystone pipeline

0025 Brent-WTI Spread

0026 Crude Volatility Index

0027 Gasoline

0028 Heating Oil

1. 1-Sep-17: Heating oil breakout

0029 Natural Gas (Henry Hub)

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