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Learn chart signals from the author of 'Successful Stock Signals' published by Wiley. Learn how to use technical, fundamental and quantitative signals from a professional who taught professional portfolio managers how to use this research. Learn how to use Demand/Supply, Implied Return and a quantitative grade from 0 to 100 that does all of this for you. Follow his free postings and Harvard-like case study on Apple at Learn how to become a pro and it is all free! Learn how to trade and invest using signals, not emotions or stock tips. DISCLAIMER we are not financial advisers and never recommend buying or selling any stock. Any comments are for educational purposes. Technical signals are frequently wrong and reverse themselves. You use our charts and comments at your own risk. We are not responsible for sudden changes in signals. You must do your own due diligence and use a professional financial adviser for your trades and investments. Our SID grade and implied return use both technical and fundamental research that can be wrong.We have no way of controlling such errors and are not responsible when they occur. Any questions please contact us at


AAPL - 1 min Candlesticks, 700

AAPL - 5 min Candlesticks, 700

AAPL - Daily Candlesticks, 700

1/10 breakout to new high bullish, also bullish when it avoided a drop to the 50day
1/27 at a Demand peak, waiting for pullback to buy cheaper at 115-118
2/8 buyers still chasing price, I will wait for the pullback to fill the gap up,Samsung pop will end with S8 April., next pop for AAPL in Sept with iPhone8
2/24 long overdue pause in this move up. Buyers thinking about that Samsung announcement of S8. Value buyers will not overpay for AAPL as index buying takes it too high vs consensus 12 mo target of 140. Mean reversion kicks in.
3/12 signals turn down to test support
3/23 signals turn Dow,ne
4/4 money flow negative divergence on this pop to 144, looking for test of 140

AAPL - Monthly Candlesticks, 700

AAPL - Weekly Candlesticks, 700

3/16 overbought, waiting for mean reversion to kick in and for the signals to turn down triggering short trade.
4/4 hitting consensus 12-month target overvalued line in the sand resistance. Expect good earnings 5/2 and selling on the news, reality check.all the good news is now in price waiting for some bad news.

AAPL, Apple Inc.

2/14 passing SID grade of 75 but we cannot put in model portfolio because Implied return dropped to 4.6% below our 10% hurdle rate. Buffett increased position to 57 million shares
3/1 demand has peaked and turned down, but the market is taking it up today
3/10 sharp drop in Demand toD6
3/18 value players will shun at these prices and the low implied return despite analysts raising targets
4/4 demand continues to drop slowly, implied return says price is ahead of itself,overvalued, looking for a positive surprise in earnings 5/2 which I don't expect.
4/19 Demand changes to Supply as price continues to test support. Samsung out with its phone and 5/2 AAPL earnings coming up. But all the good news is already priced in. Consensus 12-mo. Target of 150 puts the lid on price. I expect good earnings and selling on the news.

AAPL, Apple, Inc. (AAPL)

1/10/17 all our buy signals in place, waiting for Demand to drop to buy on weakness
1/27 at demand peak, waiting for pullback to 115-118
2/8 implied returns fails below our 10% red line hurdle rate. Price is too high.
2/17 My guess is Buffett and others will stop buying at these prices and wait for a pullback
2/26 Demand peaks and starts dropping, doji reversal, first signals that buyers are exhausted
3/7 Doji forming lets see if this is a reversal after a 20 week move up, Samsung 8 in the wings
3/10 Demand is dropping
3/16 negative implied return stops value players like Buffett from buying at these prices. Only Index buying is keeping price up and when the Index drops this will drop. Also I think Samsung S8 announcement will take AAPL price down.
3/26 passing SID grade but bearish gravestone candle, demand dropping, little implied return for 12 mos. Heading into Samsung rollout of new S8 phone.
4/8 Demand continues slow erosion at D6 it is well above the zero crossover into Supply. Bearish weekly gravestone candlestick in place. Buyers may decide to wait for May 11 earnings now that the revenue number is known by insiders.Good earnings expected but no positive surprise as consumers wait for the Sept. New iPhone.

ADI - Default Style

ADI - Weekly Candlesticks, 700

ADI Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI)

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