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Daily Notes:
7/28 - Several charts were updated today, so it's not a bad idea to do the full tour to see where things stand. Some ETFs are having a heck of a time getting out of the grind they've been stuck in since early June, including DIA and SPY. Others just keep on trucking, like QQQ. One of the more exciting stories at the moment is FXI, which continues to blast off to new highs. We were in before things became so steep, now we can sit back and relax as we advance our stop level as frequently as possible. This is why we expose ourselves to so many markets. When one area is struggling, there's always another one that is outperforming!

ABOUT US: We identify and trade the trends on 32 high-volume ETFs that span several different markets. We're not generalists - we tell you exactly how to trade and most importantly, when to give up on a trend and get out. This stuff works. Additionally, we send out a free once-a-week newsletter that you can sign up for with an email at Please visit, follow, and vote often - this list is completely free but it takes a lot of time to maintain! Any feedback, direct to


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A3 ETF Trading Board 2

This chart is a one-stop shop for traders who simply want to know where to put their money, without poring through the details of 30 individual ETF charts!

Yellow Highlights = A New Position or an Improved Stop Level
Blue Hightlights = Pending Trade
Green Text = Open Long Position/Bullish
Red Text = Open Short Position/Bearish
Black Text = No Position/Neutral

- ETF/Market: The name and ticker of the ETF
- Entry Date: The date the current trade was entered
- Stop: Where to place your stop level to control risk
- Trend: The direction of the current dominant market trend

A3 Today's Updates

This chart provides a quick blurb on the charts that were updated each day, so you don't have to page through them all to see what's new.

F Equity DIA Diamonds

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F Equity IWM Russell 2000

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F Equity QQQ Nasdaq 100

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F Equity SPY Spiders

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G Commodities DBA Commodities

G Commodities JO Coffee

G Commodity GLD Gold

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