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10/22 - Relative to every other session we've seen over the past few weeks, today's was a snoozer for most ETFs. The Market Index and Market Sector ETFs stalled and pulled back a bit, but is seems to be too little, too late right now. The strong recovery off October's lows makes us think that September's big breakdown is a corrective move, and that the uptrend may already have resumed. We're looking for a bit more price action to confirm that. Elsewhere, JO also knows a thing or two about volatility. It is in another big swing, this time to the downside. It is a growing possibility that JO is heading back towards the 2014 low. Meanwhile, GLD may soon be worth a long trade, and don't be surprised if we are in a new short position on EWZ at anytime now. No doubt about it, plenty of opportunities are arising here, so be ready for them.

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A3 ETF Trading Board 2

This chart is a one-stop shop for traders who simply want to know where to put their money, without poring through the details of 32 individual ETF charts!

Yellow Highlights = A New Position or an Improved Stop Level
Blue Hightlights = Pending Trade
Green Text = Open Long Position/Bullish
Red Text = Open Short Position/Bearish
Black Text = No Position/Neutral

- ETF/Market: The name and ticker of the ETF
- Entry Date: The date the current trade was entered
- Stop: Where to place your stop level to control risk
- Trend: The direction of this market's overall trend

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