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12/7 - This is getting seriously fun now. Before this strength ever took place, we informed our subscribers that the market would be stuck for a while. We then identified the area where a low to the sideways action was likely to occur. Then, we told our subscribers that the uptrend was about to resume. As soon as there were signs of a low, we were able to get our subscribers positioned in the ETFs that were ready to outperform - IWM (Small Caps), SPY (S&P 500), IYT (Transportation), and XLF (Financials), to name a few. Now those ETFs are leading this advance, and we are finding new opportunities for our subscribers every day. We tell them EXACTLY where to buy and where to sell. This stuff works. come get a FREE trial and see for yourself!

Below you can see the 30,000-foot view Elliott Wave pattern of every ETF we follow. Every trade you take, even if you are day trader, should keep the long-term perspective in mind to make sure you're not swimming against the current. These are the ETFs we actively trade at, and we are consistently riding the biggest trends out there. That's how we've returned 517 percentage points since the start of 2013. Come check it out for yourself, free 1-week trial at

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F Market Index IWM Russell 2000

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F Market Index IYT Transportation

F Market Index QQQ Nasdaq 100

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F Market Index SPY Spiders S&P 500

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G Commodities DBA Commodities

G Commodities JO Coffee

G Commodity GLD Gold

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