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Agentiferous toast: SILVER, GOLD, MINERS with a long-term focus!!!!

January 2014: Last year was an awful year for precious metals and mining and the first year since the gold bull began that gold failed to end the year in new highs... yet the long-term uptrend remains intact. I'm not one to say that there will be a worldwide apocalyptic currency collapse and that the gold/silver bull will thus make new record highs, but the trend of miners doing poorly while the broad stocks rally to new (nominal) highs will at some point reverse... at the very least there is certainly money to be made in miners off the current lows, for which sentiment must be near an all-time low --- a great time to buy, WITH the understanding that they could still go even LOWER in the near term!

My charts concern two things at the moment: (1) the nature of the broad stock market's secular bear that began in 2000 and timing the end of the cyclical bull that began in March 2009 that (at this writing) seems to be faltering, and (2) investing in PM metals and miners, as noted above. I follow the work of Bob Hoye and Ross Clark on howestreet.com and Tim Woods and Danielle Park for a big-picture outlook.

Generally, black dotted lines for resistance, blue for support, and width of line characterizes strength of support/resistance. If you like the charts or find them helpful, give me a vote, or send me a note! I would like to hear from people and I thank Chuck and other readers for their interest and loyalty. In the meantime, please do your own due diligence and do not hold me responsible for losses. What you choose to do is up to you. Thanks!



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