Rok-n-Dan's Market and Sector Analysis with Fidelity Select Sector Funds

Dan Caldwell

9/12/14: Market thoughts: 3/2014 I posted a US Dollar chart (top of p.3) with two different lines of thought reflecting market viewpoints. One line of thought was that with the US becoming more energy independent, the Eurozone coalition falling apart, massive money printing by the BOJ AND a record number of USD bears, that the dollar was poised to move higher in 2014 as the dollar bears got squeezed. The 2nd viewpoint was that the Fed's massive money printing experiment was falling apart, housing and retail, both mainstays of the US economy were in decline, and that the US dollar would retest previous lows. It now appears that the USDollar bulls have won the battle, as the dollar grinds even higher.


aad US Dollar Index - Monthly (EOD) ($USD)

aad US Dollar Index Weekly

acb $TYX:$TNX- Ratio

acc 30-Year T-Bond Yield ($TYX)

acc 60 min 10 Year $TNX

acd Monthly 30-Year US Bond Price ($USB)

acv - Inflation / 30Y Bond Price Ratio (vipsx:$usb)

AUA Gold Miners Bullish Percent Index ($BPGDM)

aua2 Silver (EOD) / Gold (EOD) Ratio ($silver:$gold)

aub $HUI vs. US Treasury Bond ($hui:$usb)

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