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TRADERVISION - Price from the Perspective of a Technical Trader

Aug.19> For more about why it is better to focus more on price and less on trying to chase the news in vain hope that you might catch it someday see Arthur Hill's article:

Yes, Virginia, there Really Is Information in Stock Prices
August 19, 2015 at 10:28 AM / written by Arthur Hill

Aug.17> Everyday the market shows you why you should always remember that the majority are typically wrong, therefore, even though they have you out numbered and surrounded, you should always ignore them and instead just focus on price, or more simply just make it your routine to always trade against whatever they say and thereby transform their bunk trades into great trades for yourself.


! . OIL D Aug.30 - Brdning Bttm Cont's, RSI Bounce Approaching 50

! . SPX W Aug.30 - Backfilling Continues, RSI Testing Prior Support

! . USD M Aug.20 - Moment of Truth Continues

! . UUP D Aug.24 - Retest of 24.50, RSI Testing 30

! . VIX W Aug.24 - Testing 45, 20 Point RSI Impulse Testing Extremes

! . VXN M Aug.23 - Backfilling Overhead Gap, RSI Testing 60

! .USD M Aug.30 - Flagging Continues, RSI Testing 60

! .UUP W Aug.24 - Testing Gap Support, RSI Testing 40

! .VIX M Aug. 21- Backfilling Compounded Gap, RSI Testing 60

! NYA200R W Aug.21 - Testing of 30 Continues

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