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Aug.11> GLD, GDX Inverse Head and Shoulders patterns remain valid.

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!.. .3.0 INDU W Sept.1 - Retest of Highs, Strong RSI Bounce Testing Dwntrend

!.. .4.1 QQQ Mthly Aug. 23 - Backfilling Cont's, RSI Testing Dwntrend

!.. .TRIN Wkly Aug.23 - Basing at 1.10 Continues

!.. BPOEX June 18 - RSI Testing 2010 Downtrend

!... .VIX.Mthly> Sept.1 - Retest of 12, Sharp RSI Rejection at Dwntrend Testing 40

!... VXX 60Min Aug.14 - Retest of 28, RSI at Extremes

!...2.5GDX Dly> July 9 - Backfill of Overhead Gap, Strong RSI Bounce Off 60

!...3.5 GDX W July 11 - Invrse Head&Shldrs Cont's, RSI Testing Dwntrend

!..1.0 SPX 2 Hr July 8 - Asc Wedge Cont's, Sharp RSI Reversal Testing Uptrend

!..3.3 TLT Wkly Aug. 4 - Backfilling Continues

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