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Apr.22> If you are serious about getting a good return and are done with wasting your time with yahoo's who don't know what they are doing ( evidenced by what they do ) drop me a line to let me know.
Apr.19> Do you remember who said what at the begining of April, or in March or February or January or last December? If you know of ANYONE who didn't say the market was going down please let me know who they are and where I can find their record. Thanks
Apr.18> Watch for some updates over this weekend as well as details on how you can get in on the trade with a weekly TRADERVISION subscription, so that you too can be sitting on piles of profit, just like me, and not buried in the hole of loss that others have been falling into for weeks, months and years. Thanks for your Votes.
Apr.17/ BMO> Do you remember who said what about the market last week or last month ? Have you noticed how wrong they've been? Do you notice how others just keep wasting your time with bunk analysis that goes on and on but leads to just more loss? Your record is your reality because facts speak for themselves, plain and simple. Just ask them what their record is and where you can find it, plain and simple.
Archived charts and trades are at>
Always ignore what anyone says today and instead focus on what they said and what they TRADED last month, 2 months ago, 3 months ago, 6 months ago, 1 year ago, 18 months, 2 years etc...
Your record is your reality, everything and anything else is completely irrelevant. Facts are facts and no amount of talking, writing or any other thing changes that...


! .2.71 BPSPX D Apr.23 - Relatively Strong Retracement of Feb. Reversal Cont's

'You just don't in the 21st century behave in 19th-century fashion, by invading another country on completely trumped up pretext,' Kerry said, appearing on CBS's 'Face the Nation.'

! VXX D Apr.23 - Desc Tri Cont's, RSI Testing Uptrend

!.Apr.18 - TRADERVISION Trades - Trading Price NOT Conjecture

!2.7 BPENER M Apr.20 - Capture of 70, Strong RSI Bounce Testing Dwntrend

!2.7 BPENER M Apr.5 - Key Test of 70

Apr.5> No more room on this chart for anymore annotation. Just note that so far this bounce off the 40 level has been much more impulsive and therefore stronger than last year's bounce off the 40 and that the noted anomolous thinly traded range has been backfilled, which should free price to progress. If you bought the tag of 40 I would continue to hold for a potential capture of the RSI 50 level. Since the current RSI reversal is relatively quite impulsive and is occurring after as couple of years of consolidation, [ SHD YLW ] it may be the finishing move of the consolidation and lead to an eventual breakout. Also make note of what some supposed 'experts' said about oil around the new year and make note of how comletely dead wrong they have been, which is yet another one of the many reasons and examples of why you should always trust price and your own eyes more than so-called 'experts'.

!3.20 XLE W Apr.11 -Restest of Brkout, Sharp Neg DI Rejection Testing S

!4.0 WTIC M Apr.11 - Bounce Off Coil Centerline Continues, RSI Bounce Off 50 Continues

How the Banks Won

!4.10 OIL W Apr.5- Coiling Cont's, RSI Bounce Off 50

!4.34 UCO D-LT Mar 3 Backfill of Dwngap, Strong RSI Up Impulse Testing 5 Yr Resistance

!DBE Dly Apr.13 - Asc Tri Cont's, RSI Bounce Off 50

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