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Sept.5> Testing of the highs continues...
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!.. .1.0 INDU 2 Hr Sept. 16 - Desc Wedge Brkout, RSI Brkout Testing 60

!.. .TLT Wkly Sept.14 - Asc FlagBrkdwn, RSI Testing 50

!..3.0 INDU W Sept.1 - Retest of Highs, Strong RSI Bounce Testing Dwntrend

!..4.1 QQQ Mthly Sept.11 - July 18th Target Achieved

!..TLT Dly Sept.14 - Asc Wedge Brkdwn, Long RSI Dwn Impulse Testing Extremes

!.1.0 SPX 2 Hr July 8 - Asc Wedge Cont's, Sharp RSI Reversal Testing Uptrend

!.1.6 TRAN M Sept.6 - Basic Facts STILL Don't Change...That You Can Bet On.

INFORMATION: Quality Vs. Quantity - There IS a Difference
Oct.23, 2013 > While every yahoo out there who claims to know what they are talking about has been completely wasting your time with their endless yabber for months and months - telling you about this b.s. or that b.s, going on to you about what some other bonehead somewhere says, freaking about this or that so called 'news', showing you endless charts of crazy, confusing and conjured b.s - I gave you one chart, clearly illustrating one simple point and as it turns out IN REALITY this was ALL you needed 6 months ago. If you had recognized this single, simple point and bought like crazy starting on April 17, 2013 where would you be right now? Probably a whole lot better off then if you tried to follow the bunk analysis yahoo's around here are cooking up all the time...and just deleting later. (Obviously because they assume you're a moron with no functioning memory.)

!.BPOEX June 18 - RSI Testing 2010 Downtrend

!.TRIN Wkly Sept.7 - Basing at 1.10 Continues

!.USD Wkly July 29 Testing Gap R, RSI Testing Dwntrend

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