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TRADERVISION - Price from the Perspective of a Technical Trader

May 21> AMC
VIX looking sketchy with a potential breakdown underway
USD's straight line RSI up impulse testing the 50 is one of the strongest RSI up impulses in years. Any nominal retracement may be a precusor to a potential run for its overhead gap
GLD retesting its breakout as the eternal grind at 115 goes on
TLT's highly corrective action may be further confirming the thinly traded range left over from last Dec.'s strong up impulse as it makes this initial testing of the very exceptional, and therefore potentially strong compression at 118 which may hold for more bounces before, and if, it finally gives up.
OVX's rejection at 35 is backfilling its up impulse, if 35 continues to be resistance it will leave price wiith no choice but to head for a backfill and correction of its underlying compounded gap from last Oct. which should concur with upside for OIL and related, such as Gasoline and its test of its large overhead gap, and the general market.
Based on current market conditions there is no reason for anything crazy going on since it is all pretty straight forward as this relatively very tame price action keeps dragging on. There is no reason, imo, for anyone to be too screwed in any kinda way...other than the PM shorts who, if they are still holding may be sweating a bit more these days...
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P.S. I think Arthur Hill's a good guy who gets its, see his article from today and remember to 'Ignore the Noise' and 'Don't Fight the Tape!'

'Rarely do more than three or four variables really matter, everything else is just noise. ' Marty Whitman

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