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Apr.17/ BMO> Do you remember who said what about the market last week or last month ? Have you noticed how wrong they've been? Do you notice how others just keep wasting your time with bunk analysis that goes on and on but leads to just more loss? Your record is your reality because facts speak for themselves, plain and simple. Just ask them what their record is and where you can find it, plain and simple.

Archived charts and trades are at>
Always ignore what anyone says today and instead focus on what they said and what they TRADED last month, 2 months ago, 3 months ago, 6 months ago, 1 year ago, 18 months, 2 years etc...
Your record is your reality, everything and anything else is completely irrelevant. Facts are facts and no amount of b.s. changes that...

Thanks for the Votes and Follows, I do appreciate them.


! . !TRADERVISION Trades - Trading Price NOT Conjecture

! . 2.0 VIX 15 Apr.14 - Increasing Volatility Preceeds Brkdwn

! . BPOEX Apr.12

! . DBE Dly Apr.13 - Asc Tri Cont's, RSI Bounce Off 50

! . DBE W Apr.11 - Asc Tri Cont's, RSI Testing Range Resistance

! . HSI M Apr.12 - Asc Tri Cont's, 2nd RSI Bounce Off 50 & Uptrend

! . NDX M Apr.11 - Backfilling cont's, RSI Retesting Uptrend & Prior S/R @ 65

! . VIX.Dly>

! .VIX 2 Hr Apr.11 - Backfilling Cont's, Shasrp RSI Bounce Off 50 Testing Dwntrend

! 1.3 NDX 15 Apr.11 - Brdning Bttm Cont's, DI's Testing Respective Trends

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