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TRADERVISION - Price from the Perspective of a Technical Trader

Feb.8 > Backfilling of the underlying gaps may take a few days.

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922 OVX D Feb.10 - Backfilling Overhead Thin Zone

923 SPX D Feb.8 - Backfilling Underlying Gap

923 UDOW D Feb.1 - Hanging In The Void

924 TRIN 15M Buy / Sell Signals

TRADERVISION> Trader Talk - Trade Timeframe and Format
Since price moves 24 hours a day and the day market only allows a few hours of access to price it is generally safer and less complicated to trade shorter timeframes of less than 72 hours in the 24 hour market via futures or other such derivatives rather than stocks.

926 SPX 2Hr Feb.2 - RSI Testing 50

926 VXX 10 Feb.2 - Desc Wedge Cont's, RSI Testing 70

927 VXN 60 Jan.25 - Backfilling of Down Gap, RSI Testing 50

928 TLT D Feb.2 - Testing 128, RSI Testing Resistance

930 CPC W The CPC Trade> Jan.15 - Fast Sto Breakout Tagging 100

930 TRINQ 30 Jan.25 - Testing 1.00

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