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Dec.17> TLT Backfilling Continues, USD of 23.30 Successful, CORN Still Hammering @ Resistance, OVX @ R

Dec.12> TLT Backfiling Overhead Gap, USD Retesting Coil, CORN Still Hammering @ Resistance, OVX @ R, Watch for Updates this Weekend...Thanks for Voting.

The Majority watch TeeVee instead of Price and the Majority are wrong most of the time... ( Coincidence?)
In a 2011 Gallup poll, 34% of Americans said gold was the best long-term investment, while 17% said stocks.
Since then, stocks are up 87%, gold is down 35%.

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! . . UUP 30 Dec.17 - Desc Flag Brkout, RSI Bounce Off 50

Generally speaking the USD typically moves contratian to FXE and GLD it can be traded as a pair against either one or both.

! .4.2UUP D Dec.17 - Retest of 23.30 Testing Overhead Compounded Gap, RSI Bounce Off Uptrend & 50

! 2.2TLT Dly Dec. 16 - Backfilling Overhead Gap, RSI Brkout

Technical Basics> The Treasuries, like the VIX generally tend to move contrarian to the market, therefore you can trade them as a pair.

! 3.2 OIL 2 Dec.16 - Desc Flag Cont's, RSI Coil Cont's

! 6.3DAX Dly Dec.17 - Backfilling Underlying Gap, RSI Retracement Testing 50

!. . 4.GLD 2Hr Dec.18 - Brdning Top Cont's, RSI Testing Uptrend

!.. 4.0 FXE M Dec.17 - Backfilling Cont's, RSI Testing Prior Support

!.3.0 OIL Dly Dec.15 - Desc Flag Cont's, RSI Compression Cont's

!.CPC D Dec.16 - MACD Tagging R, ADX Coiling

!2.0VIX M Dec.14 - Extremes Correcting

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