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Oct 13, 2017 Votes continue to be STOLEN on poor security from 81 last week to 61, 20 votes disappeared of these 61 half are my own...Please express your dissatisfaction with management Chip Anderson, support@stockcharts.com

Oct 13, 2017 - At the edge of the Precipice https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/edge-precipice-eduardo-mirahyes/

Oct 8, 2017 On Friday the $VIX volatility index was the top gainer, the ETF analogues, SVXY and TVIX, often lag a day or two at reversal points such as this.

Sept 28, 2017 Void of accountability or transparency, Stockcharts secret ranking system, is a travesty. Hardly a secret from Damon Kalahele, alias the Russian Hacker, who has systematically exploited its vulnerabilities to discredit and malign me, going on 11 years. After two weeks of stolen votes every night as I sleep, yesterday, our votes incremented by eleven in a single day. By communicating his disapproval, at least one person shamed Stockcharts to take action after reading the note below of Sept 26 Eleven stolen votes per day, amount to 330 votes per month, sufficient to rank in the top 5, where I rightfully belong! When hacker is under surveillance, he adds to others , to artificially force down my ranking. There are neither checks nor balances to prevent this from occurring. Not by coincidence, when this SCAM occurred, Stockcharts had become my single largest source of new clients. Hacker?s intent remains undeterred, to destroy my business, and my credibility and cut off all sources of income. If you communicated with Stockcharts to contribute to such a miraculous increment, I would like to express my appreciation with a complimentary 3-month subscription to Exceptional Bear. The leading asset allocation and market timing service, bar none. Please send me an account of your interactions with stockcharts, or a copy of your email communication. In appreciation for your initiative, you will rece


$ a SPX 30-min

Sept 16 The dark purple a-b reversal in the 30-min above, and 2-hour chart below correspond to the same pullback required to complete wave iv of the Diag >, to overlap wave i & confirm the dramatic reversal upon completion of the red, bearish, Diag II . From there, another a-b reverses from Bear Market Rally to Bear Market Free-fall.

Sept 12 The analogous SVXY below shows a likely 10% higher high before reversal
Sept 3 This 30-min S&P Chart is in the final stages of a lower degree fractal bounce into a reversal, it echoes the larger structure in the S&P since the 2000 Bull Market Top. To complete the Diag > , the price must first drop to the dotted line, to overlap wave (i) followed by a reversal to at least the area of 2490. Afterwards, a smaller a-b is all that's required to initiate the Crash.
Aug 17 This 30-min S&P Chart depicts two lower degree fractals of the larger Bear Market pattern seen in the Monthly chart since 2000, when the Bear Market began. (view the entire history in the 5th chart below) The pink (v) wave transcends magnitude to wave iii of the larger Diag II. This fractal forecasts the Crash, with a plunge of at least 32x the magnitude seen here on the monthly Chart below, these are my original discoveries, they are not borrowed from any other charts, as one of my better clients observed, others change their counts after I post mine. This is the true count, and I have an 11 year history with Stockcharts, not one...a hacking scam in 2015 feigned my being BANNED from stockcharts for complaining of the stolen votes through hacking. Likewise my ranking never rises above 48, previously never rose above 30. In 2015, I earned Timer Digest's Timer of the Year for the identical signals as provided here...in 2014 I came in second by 1/10 of 1% , again due to sadistic hacking. I

$ b S&P 500 Daily

The Market is a Fractal - a word coined by Benoit Mandelbrot who discovered them. (the structure of the whole is echoed in its parts and sub-parts, while remaining the same, no matter how much it is magnified or shrunk down)...Fractals were used in Star Wars to create the surface of the moon, armies of thousands are simulated by repeating from a group of 12 men over and over. Lower degree fractals preview of the whole; waves 1, 3, & 5 above are introduced by smaller Diag IIs, to indicate a proportional drop to their size. The pattern from red 2 to 3 above is a fractal of the entire Bear Market, where a proportional Dive is next The larger whole previewed here is seen in the monthly S&P since 2000. Mandelbrot deduced, 'all charts scale the same, without the legend, you dont know if you are looking at a 10-minute or a 10-year chart'

$ SVXY - Inverse Volatility 2-hr ALT

Sept 13, 2017 The Best Perspective for today is seen in the 2-hour SVXY chart , an analogue of the SPX. Although the Daily SVXY chart shows still more upside ahead to reach the top at ~87.5, the 2-hour signals an impending short-term reversal, for swing trading purposes. Swing Trades do not require you to top-tick sales, but to anticipate reversals so as not to get left behind in a gap down opening. This is what I do better than anyone else, so if you are going to trade this market, you would be wise to hire the best Bear Market Timer to optimize your timing and profits. With a 30-day money back guarantee, you cant go wrong. You can paper trade the first 30-days to see what you would have earned. Aug 18 Below you see wave 4 of the Diag II in UVXY is complex, a-b-c, which requires an a-b reversal, before dropping to the dotted green line. The better trade is to short UVXY to take advantage of this gift swing trade. For those who cannot short, add to the your SVXY position limit 40.5. Enter these to execute during extended hours beginning at 8AM EST for the best execution, before the crowd recognizes the reversal. Most Traders are projecting a linear continuation of yesterday?s volatility Spike, while the next move is an about face, where the b wave should go slightly higher in UVXY, and slightly lower in SVXY. You will need to reference the charts to understand what I mean.. By the 9:30 opening of the NYSE, the reversal will be obvious to everyone and the opportunity to buy on the cheap will be gone. To short, there must be an uptick insured by b of the reversal. That means initially the market will go the opposite way, in the a wave, before reversing into purple b. Since Prechter discarded the a-b which I hope is evident to all of you, most continue to follow his projections without questioning the guru, as I did for a long time until the evidence became overwhelming. This wh

$ SVXY Inverse Volatility Daily

Sept.12 The minimum upside is 87.5, morelikley is 89...another zig-zag likely from the 2-hour perspective above

In New Wave Elliott the uppermost Diag II must be retraced and all gaps filled above it for the larger trend can continue. Those requirements have been exceeded. The Diag II was discovered 30 years after RN Elliott's death, I developed the Bearish reciprocal of the Bullish pattern described by Hamilton Bolton....you will note that Prechter and Co consider this pattern to be as rare as black swans. They are ubiquitous in my work, to gauge aptitude in pattern recognition, the only genius pertinent to optimal forecasting and trading via Elliott. For more details on how New Wave Elliott has advanced and refined the Wave Principle follow this link. http://www.exceptional-bear.com/174.html

$ UVXY - 2-hr 15

Oct 13 I purchased a supplemental 50% position in UVXY cost 16.66 Oct 13. 4 times over overbot is the extreme limit of any pattern in Elliott, and swiftly reverses from here

Sept 12 Bottom fishing for UVXY volatility at close yesterday's of 28.21 (intra-day low was 27.86)

Sept 3 The Bullish Diag II in UVXY Volatility is the inverse of the S&P 500 as well as the reciprocal of UVXY, SVXY. As UVXY Spikes, SVXY crashes, In the 2-hour SVXY above, you see that wave iv red is an upside, a-b-c correction, where the Diag > foreshadows a dramatic reversal after the upside to a minimum 86, and likely 88 to fill the gap in the chart, marked by the dotted green line. From there a lower degree, a-b reversal in purple, likely signals the beginning of the Crash of 2017...alternately one more Bullish, Diag II in series is possible
Aug 19 UVXY Volatility and SVXY inverse Volatility are analogous to the $VIX and the reciprocal S&P, a little leverage on UVXY makes it more fun, for those who trade at Interactive Brokers, TVIX replaces of UVXY, and its reciprocal XIV stands in for SVXY
Aug 18 Sell short UVXY limit 41.5 (high was 41.58) cover short limit 29.4

$ VIX - Volatility Index on the Move to signal the SPIKE in Volatility as equities CRASH

Aug 19 History repeats itself nowhere more often than in Market, for trading purposes, the $VIX is the reciprocal of the S&P

Aug 17 The $VIX, volatility index, which moves inversely to the S&P, was up 56% just a week ago, it has retraced most of the upside, leaving a paltry 14% gain. Most likely the remaining 14%, highlighted by the yellow wick in the last candle, will be given back, before the subsequent spike. That is just one example of why Bear Markets must be swing traded, if you are to hold on to your gains. When panic strikes, most investors resort to buying puts to offset portfolio losses... as the S&P Crashes, Wave 5 in the $VIX will Spike through the Roof. The current pattern is identical, but far more severe, than the lead-off from the 2007 low in the aqua inset Unlike wasting assets, the volatility ETFs are far preferable, since they have no time limit, so if you are wrong on the timing, you can always make a comeback on the next move.

$1 S&P 500 Monthly since 1982 - Bullish until 2000, Bearish until valuations drop at least 62%

Led by the S&P, the next move in global equities is a black-hole plunge. Rather than protect long portfolios with Puts, why not liquidate them entirely? The Fed's stimulatory hand is played-out, & the impending Crash will strike with such force that the Silver Bullet from the past will no longer suffice to resuscitate the market. Since the market forecasts the economy more accurately than any economist, this time it's we, who must bite the Silver Bullet. Genuine Bull Markets reflect economic expansion by sub-dividing into 5-waves; Bear Market Rallies, like the Roaring Twenties, and Bernanke's megalomaniac Put are illusory, 3-wave upsides within larger Bear Markets. Only a 5-wave Crash is final. Artificial stimulus is an illicit drug, for which the Fed is the Global Pusher . Rather than more ?hair of the dog?, addicted economies can only heal via cold turkey abstinence. In return for numbing the pain of economic contraction, we have prevented healing the addiction, to dramatically aggravating the economy's ability to heal. By distorting economic incentives to divert capital away from the most worthy ventures, stimulus has exacerbated excess to perpetuate illusory Bubbles. The price of stimulus is a far more austere & enduring Depression, required to wring-out the excess via a rapid, downward GDP spiral to back-out stimulus in its entirety. Once the dollar collapse gains momentum to become universally recognized, the massive exodus out of the Dollar-denominated assets will force interest rates to skyrocket, to balloon the national debt out of control. As documented by Rogoff and Reinhart documented, This Time is NEVER different - eight centuries of financial Folly -a US default of its foreign debt is inevitable. Just as the 1929 withdrawal of US gold reserves from Germany intensified bitter depression, a debased dollar will kill the US ability to borrow on international markets, to topple the American Empire

$1 The Euro priced in Dollars - the B-wave rally will likely exceed the 2008 top of $1.6/Euro.

Like Gold, the Euro is inversely related to US equities. The start of the B-wave, Bear Market Rally in the Euro converges with the same for GOLD....the Euro is backed by far more gold than the US Dollar. QE in the European Union is 2 years old, relatively new compared with US Monetary Easing since 1998 under Greenspan ... in the intermediate term, stimulus appears to do the trick for those with a short time horizon, such as politicians...The Euro is the optimal safe haven for low-risk capital. Yet despite the low risk characteristics, the returns will beat just about any equity position. You don't really believe Ben Bernanke reversed the Bear Market, do you?

$1 USD - Monthly Bear Market since 2001, Completed the B-Wave, Bear Market Rally in 2016 to plunge i

Page 1 has the Big Picture Monthly Charts, pages 2 & 3 show Weekly and Daily magnification candles updated occasionally. When you subscribe, you get the 2-hour or Daily candle charts in 10 asset classes, juxtaposed with their reciprocals. http://www.exceptional-bear.com/How_to_subscribe.html The Dollar has peaked long-term in Wave B. This Bear Market Rally is OVER!, Like All Bear Markets and corrections, it sub-divides into 3 waves, labelled A-B-C in bold blue. The B-wave is ALWAYS a 3-wave Bear Market Rally sandwiched in between two plunges in A & C. Labeled (a)-(b)-(c) in light blue, highlights Wave B's the 3-wave structure to confirm this is a TERMINAL move. As you can see the Market is a fractal. The upside correction to the Dollar is likewise an a-b-c bounce of a minor wave ii. In other words upside corrections are inverse fractals of the larger trend. After the a-wave of an a-b-c dead cat bounce, the b wave could drop a bit lower,....We Swing Trade these masterfully...this is an opportune time to take a trial subscription with a 30-day 100% money back guarantee. With the current market conditions this is a low-risk high return phase for Bears, and time to drop your bullish habits to preserve purchasing power & lifestyle. So if the Dollar has been debased, this time, cash & T-Bonds will be big losers. Instead of holding dollars, why not just buy Euros with your Cash. In 2008, the Euro peaked at $1.60/Euro.... with nowhere else to go, the Euro is again the only logical Dollar Safe Haven. Unlike the US, the Euro manipulation is relatively recent. Initially all stimulus appears to work. Just look at how high the Greenback and the S&P have climbed with stimulus. However, from here on out, unlevered dollar-denominated assets are for losers. Only the right asset classes, augmented by leverage, will overwhelm the dollar?s purchasing power erosion. Now's the time to bail-out of over-valued, dollar-denominated assets to buy the

$1b SILVER - Monthly a nascent Bull Market

the nascent B-wave, Bear Market Rally in Silver will likely exceed the 2011 high , making for a buoyant 3-5 year RALLY in Silver, as equities crater.

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