The Greatest Stock Market indicator on the Planet?

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Over 30 years analyzing the markets and being an institutional trader way back in the 90's brings us to this point. A long long time ago we introduced a different type of analysis to the World. There has been one method that has continued to show professionals fundamental economic models with institutional buying / selling measurements do move markets. Originally it was hard to believe what we were stating about how the markets really work.
Now, we feel it has been proven LIVE over several years with directional signals we feel have been unparalleled stating the Big Institutions may control each and every sizable move in the stock market.
Whether you trade stocks, stock funds, ETF's, stock options,Sectors,Energy Stocks, Interest Rates, energy stocks, Health stocks, financial stocks or Precious Metal stocks...etc, the direction of the overall 'Economic Markets' is THE most vital information you can have that is going to affect your bottom line. Over the years we have developed a clearly recognizable Red/Green indicator that makes the trend visually obvious. As you see this you will come to realize there is not only true value in the markets but also a game played between Wallstreet institutions and the public.
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I'm here to tell you with well proven history of our signals that the chaos of which way the stock market is going doesn't have to be a MYSTERY! The data has been tracked live since 2000 and used since 2004. After over a decade of calculating, we have deciphered the chaos and bring it to you. The IPL (Institutional Positioning Trend Line) that you see below is a way to track it all in a simple breath of fresh air of one indication for the Trends and turning points! Once you use this I have no doubt that you will have a feeling of control, safety and see the wonderful potential to greatly assist your trading.
Come see what we now believe to be the GREATEST Stock Market indicator on the Planet! ...Tracking Institutional


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