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21 Apr premarket: TGIF!. It is the end of Easter Vacation for us and back to work on Monday. Today, I will be working in the flower garden planting, and clearing out a raised garden bed. I am tired of seeing the use of weed killer on land before growing food, so I have to decided to learn how to grow my on vegetables. How about you?

Added two new charts: BBT and LABU. Both charts are not meant for scalping, but for longer term trades. Why you are here, please don't forget to vote:)

20 April Pre-Market: I bought BBT around 2:30 yesterday, and earnings were good-up over 3% premarket and also shows a buy signal on Dad's chart list. Leaving my Mom and Dad's house in North Carolina and going back to West Virginia today. I have lots of free flowers to plant this afternoon and mulch to spread around.

19 April 2:00 PM Added SVXY to the list. Noticed the LABU (on Dad's charts) is hitting resistance on a trend line. However, it is clear by looking at the long-term chart for LABU, the there is now a clear turn up. Note: I am still holding LABU from April 12th, and I plan to ride it up to the long-term chart, and then sell into the rally. There are many banks that are releasing earnings reports tomorrow, including BB&T which I have been watching for almost a month now.

18 April 11 AM-- Just took a position to short the market with UVXY. The volatility charts are proving their worth during this time of market volatility.

12 April 12 PM--I see a potential breakout with LABU, and I just bought in. Let's how this one rolls. I was spot on with UVXY on the 5th-guess I get lucky every now and then:) See Dad's Charts.

I will not be posting Gold ETFs at this time--these are now posted by Father, Edward Hunt, Author #11. Please also follow him and vote as well. I know I felt lonely when he left the site to spend time with my mother who has been living with lung cancer for 3 years now. I am now a good distance away from North Carolina where they live, and I miss my parents terribly.


$INDU (a) - 2 hour Area 45 Day Area

$INDU - 1 hour Area, 1280

$INDU - 10 min Candlesticks, 1280

$SPX - 1 hour Solid Line, Custom (900X850)

BBT - Daily 12 Month Candlestick

LABU Daily 12 Mo Candlesticks

SVXY - 1 hour Area, 1280

SVXY - 2 hour Area, 1280

SVXY - Daily Renko

TVIX - 1 hour Area, 1280

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