7 Steps To Win With Logic - Technically Proven Strategies

Chris Vermeulen

After nearly two decades of trading both individual stocks and ETFs I would consider myself a pure technical trader. Years ago I became a 'Stockcharts.com Certified ChartWatcher!' because I find technical analysis extremely powerful and its a logical way to trade and invest.

In essence, my trading revolves around crowd psychology or what I call 'Crowd Behavior'. If there is one thing in the stock markets that never changes, it's how crowds react to news, events, and extreme price swings. And more importantly how they over-react. Combining the strengths of monthly, weekly, daily and 30minute chart technical analysis we as technical traders can expect strong price movement within days of entering a position.

Be sure to read the short comments under each chart, they do provide a little more insight into what the chart shows.

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100 a1 - Light Crude Oil - Spot Price (EOD) ($WTIC)

Call the bottom months in advance for $27. Now, with the falling dollar commodities should start to shine for a few month (oil, metals). BUT oil needs to close and hold above $62 this month for it to be confirmed in a bull market.

200 - US Dollar Index - Cash Settle (EOD) ($USD) 2

Dollar trend is down and could fall a longs ways!
Commodities should rise!

200 a1 - Follow The Market Indexes - Gold

Gold nearing the end of a multi-year basing pattern...

200 a2 - Follow The Market Indexes - Silver

Silver I really like as it has more upside potential that gold.

200 a4 - Follow The Market Indexes - Gold Miners

Gold miners holding strong, but there is still a chance for a quick washout low to $17.5. We need to see it break higher sooner than later...

200 a4a - Gold Miners Bullish Percent Index ($BPGDM)

This chart makes miners look really bullish. I like them, and its just a matter of time before we get another big run up.

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