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2014 1 gram Canadian Gold Maplegramâ„¢ .9999 (cheap)
2014 Horse Privy Silver Britannia Coins (cheap!)

10-19-14 4:15pm The newsletter was e-mailed earlier today. Gold should hold $1225 or so on any pullback, I think.

China Acquired 2000 Tonnes of Gold In 2013, Almost Double World Gold Council Estimates:
SGE Chairman: 2013 Chinese Gold Demand Was 2000t
SGE Chairman Xu Luode's translated speech from The Alchemist (pg 6):
A Gold backed Swiss Franc:

'Just as Irving Fisher declared a week before the 1929 Crash that stocks had reached a permanently high level, those who say that it's over and that the central planners will maintain total control of the financial, energy and precious metals markets for the foreseeable future are likely making a similarly spectacular error in judgement.' -Robert Fitzwilson

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