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Swing Trading

2015 1 oz Perth Mint Silver Year of the Goat
Morgan Dollar 1 oz Silver Round $0.29 over spot

8-27-14 8-27-14 IDM Mining is pulling back nicely. Real quiet. Looks like a $0.39 C to D leg setting up. That's a huge percentage gain. I don't think a Rob McLeod bet is a dumb bet at all. This family knows how to discover metals. Do your own due diligence. This was a newsletter pick back near $0.30.
5:20am- See if that green rising pitchfork means anything in gold. I picked a strange starting contact point but it fit the channel.

'What they fail to realize is that QE never created growth; it just inflated asset prices. Likewise, the winding down of QE will not manifest growth; it will just temporarily deflate those same asset prices that are sitting precariously on top of the greatest bubble in the history of economics.? -Michael Pento

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