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7-29-14 6:30am- It all began on Grand Cayman island in the year 2000. Back then, 14k gold jewelry was around $12/gram. While walking Seven Mile Beach one morning, I ventured over to a border collie down by the water as his owners looked on. I reached out to pet him and he bit holes into my hand and it bled. From then on, a spell had been cast. Been border collie smitten ever since. Eagle and Comet have added so much happiness to our lives it's inexpressible. Eagle was named after an American Gold Eagle and Comet after 'The Order of the Golden Comet', for which I'm one. Have a gold pin from Jim Sinclair to prove it. Eagle has a white fan of fur on the back of his neck like a bald eagle, and Comet a white tail that flies like a comet thru the sky when he runs. Comet's all about ball and Eagle all about Frisbee. Quite the pair. They say there's no way gold's going back to the December low and to tell Tom McClellan to give it up, August is practically here.

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'Give a man a gun and he can rob a bank. Give a man a bank and he can rob the world.' -(rumored quote from Goldman Sachs)

The Strange Case of German Gold - An Interview with Peter Boehringer (1/2 way down):
Mining history of Stewart BC with Ian McLeod (Rob's Dad):

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