ThirdEyeOpenTrades - An Eagle Eye on the Gold Market

Robert Cote

5-4-16 5:45am- SPX has broken support in premarket, and now targets 2000.
4:52 It's coming out that a drug treatment intervention with Dr Howard Kornfeld was in the works the morning of Prince's death, and his son had taken the red eye to meet with Prince that morning and found him dead, they were that close to getting him into treatment. So sad. As for gold, it's at least pulling back. Watch the 60 minute GLD chart.


Gold - Spot Price (EOD) ($GOLD)1976-2015 mthly

Gold - Spot Price (EOD) ($GOLD)2016 pathway speculation

Gold - Spot Price (EOD) ($GOLD)25ma

Gold - Spot Price (EOD) ($GOLD)30-65 wk ema%27s

Gold - Spot Price (EOD) ($GOLD)50-200-mfi

Gold - Spot Price (EOD) ($GOLD)8 year cycle lows

Gold - Spot Price (EOD) ($GOLD)forked D-decline

Gold - Spot Price (EOD) ($GOLD)initial rise target

Gold - Spot Price (EOD) ($GOLD)jesse style

Gold - Spot Price (EOD) ($GOLD)logomonthly

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