New Trading Systems -Think Tank- Index trading made easy! New trading techniques!

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New Trading Systems -Think Tank Charting - Index trading made easy! New trading techniques!

The Think Tank is a collection of very visual charts and a journey in technical analysis.

These charts and daily commentary are for educational purposes only.

Votes are appreciated as I go for position 6 on the chart list. The more votes I receive the lower I go :)


! a Daily Commentary

! A Geometric - S&P 500 Mean - Moves by Design - Weekly from 2009

! A Geometric Russell 2000 - Moves by Design

! a QE S&P 500 Weekly - POMO explained

! a The D Institutional Index - Cycle Chart

! a THE D NASDAQ Composite cycle chart

! a THE D Russell cycle chart

! a THE D S&P 500 cycle chart

! a The D Spot Gold Cycle Chart

! a The D US Dollar Index Cycle Chart

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