Think Tank Charts 2

David Larew

This is for educational purposes only. Index trading charts all time frames.
Please don't vote for my charts - '0' votes is my goal


1.212 SPX and TRIN 1 min chart

1.212 SPY 15 min chart

1.22 SPX 1 Min Chart - Trading the Slow Stochastics

1.221 SPX 5 min chart - NYAD - MACD - Slow Stochs

1.23 SPX 30 min chart - Sars indicator and Stochastic trading

1.233 SPX 60 min chart - trading the Keltner and MACD

1.24 SPX trading the Ease of Movement and Sars

1.241 chart ($VIX)

1.26 SPX:Yen 60 min chart

1.261 SPX Weekly Renko

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