# a_Canadian ETF's -- Swing Trading

Fred Dolbel

Charts for family & friends -- ''Use at Your Own Risk'. LEGENDS are turned off to keep chart space cleaner.
Parameters: EMA13,34,65,195; CCI=20; Green MACD(17,28,1); Red MACD(13,34,1); Green Stoch(14,3,3); Long/Blue Stoch(100,10,1). Watch Price action vs. Green EMA65 & Red EMA195 !!


IMV.v -- Immunovaccine -- Daily

JNX.V Junex - Daily

LIF.TO - Labrador Iron Ore - Daily

PD - Precision -- Daily


SDS - 2x Bear S&P 500 ETF (US$) -- WEEKLY


SDS _ 2x Bear S&P 500 ETF (US$) -- DAILY


SDS _ 2x Bear S&P 500 ETF (US$) -- Hourly


SU - Suncor -- Daily


TCM Thompson Creek Metals -- Daily

w1_ Soybeans - Daily

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