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Check out: US $ and 10 year bond yield. (chart 2e and 2f), UUP, (Dollar up for the week),

Short-Term: SDS, (Engulfing), (AAPL, (GAP, Morning Star), NYCB), BMY, (Positive Divergence), AXP (Continuation Gap), KMB, (Spinning Top and Doji),
PFF (Doji, wait for an uptick), VZ, (Reversal Gap), SDSM (Positive Engulfing),

2 Hour Chart: DPZ, PFE, KMB, AZN, GPS, UA,

Weekly Examples: NCZ, WFC (Piercing),

Watch list:

Bonds: US Treasury: 10 Year Yield, 20 year Bond, USO (oil)

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01a - $INDU - Monthly Chart 2

01b -$SPX - Monthly Chart

01c - $USB - Monthly Chart

01d - $TNX - Monthly YIELD Chart

02a - $INDU - Weekly Chart

02b - $SPX - Weekly Chart

02e - UUP - Weekly US DOLLAR

04d - WFC - Weekly Chart

05a - SDS - Daily Watch List

05aa - AAPL - Daily Chart

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