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Market Timing
Market Breadth Analysis

Current Outlook
Close for Stops except when obvious it will trigger
Intraday - No time for writing signals, use charts below
Daily - Bullish above 1904 since October 21 with stop now below 2050
Weekly - Bullish above 1965 since October 28 with stop now below 2040
Monthly - Bullish above 1425 since December 2012 with stop now below March 2014 high of 1885 (weekly close)

Oct 11 - It has been a while, but as long as we stay below 1925 we are on Panic Watch until October 20-23rd, see:
Jun 30 - With Equity Put/Calls low and Nasdaq New Highs diverging like in March, we should get a 75-150 point drop in July see (87 points down)
May 26 - SPX near 1885 since March Tweet and a 100 point move is coming but 1.4 and 1.5 not confirming a bullish move yet see (100 points up)
Mar 9 - Charts 1.4 to 1.7 suggest a 60-80 point drop in March with possible lows near March 19th and/or Apr 1-2nd (actual 50 pts lows on the 14-17th and 27-28th)
Jan 3 - Gold 35 to 190 by Dec 74, down 22 mths to 110, up 41 mths to 680. Now 250 to 1900 by Aug 2011, down 22 mths to 1100 and up 40 mths to 6,800? (actual low 1181 on Dec 31 so far)

Pg 1-Minute, 2-Hourly, 3-Daily, 4+ Others

Moon and other Cycles are affected by Events, trust the cycles that track closely with the indicators until they stop tracking. Many cycles change speed and drift, evaluate when they shift early or late and adjust accordingly.

A lot more charts only available at

'We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them. - Einstein' (more debt)


1.0 - SPX_1

1.1 - SPX_5

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1.2 - SPX_10

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1.3 - SPX_60

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1.4 - HLR_D

1.5 - UD_D

1.6 - VIX_60

1.7 - NYMO_D

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1.8 - NYA50_D

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1.9 - BPNYA_D

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