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International Markets
Ratio Analysis

11/02/2018-->Failure for the Mining Sector? --> Bullish Percents are falling again and RS very weak to Gold
14/01/2018-->Improvement for the Goldmines Sector visible: Therefore, for a long time an update of the Bullish Percent concept
10/12/2017-->Updated: $USB vs. $CRB Monthly Chart middle p.4:
'Ratio support' still holding; Bonds further in long term Uptrend to Commodities or vice versa Commodities topping out relative to Bonds
15/10/2017-->Japanese Nikkei Index looks like a new relative outperformer in the relationship vs. DJ World Index (rising ratio line)
+ multi year breakout for $NIKK in the making! ( p.4 )
Could bode well for the global economy.
27/04/2012--> Re-newed chart p. 2: Dow Jones Germany Stock Index ($DEDOW) intraday. Using now the DJ Index because it updates during the trading day. The country index tracks the main country index quite well.
23/09/2009-->Added $BDI [Baltic Dry Index] into $SPX-Weekly Chart p.3 with explanation from wikipedia
03/06/2007-->NIKKEI-Index [middle of page 4] with GOLD & DowJones World-Index; Could be a proxy for inflationary tendencies and the world economic trend.Keep watching this chart.
28/01/2007--> NOTE_$NASI:QQQQ RATIO-CHART supplementary to $NDX-Daily-Chart p.2 with short explanation !
01/06/2006--> Additional chart bottom p.1: IVE [S&P 500 Value iShares] vs IJT [SmCap 600 Growth iShares] RATIO chart
29/05/2006--> SPY vs TLT Stock/Bond_ Money rotation [p.2] ; Re-newed chart plots the relative performance between SPY [S&P500 SPDR] and the TLT [20 Year Treasury Bond Fund (Leh) iShares].
04/05/2006--> NOTE:Due to the Sharpcharts2 release I?m re-organizing the list step by step & re-newed charts begin frontpage

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Deflationary/Inflationary tendencies !?
A Summary of Chart-Studies and -Comments
--> World-Markets,Intermarket-Charts & more


*0 $HUI - Monthly Candlesticks, long term

10/02/2013-->Has the GOLD run ended relative to STOCKS - Shift back from Hard Assets back to Paper Assets imminent in the next months?
DOW / GOLD relationship added

01/10/2010: RE - CHART OF THE MONTH - New High on Monthly close - 510 !
24/09/2006: S-H-S - TOP in the making ? A monthly close below 305 could bode ill for $HUI.
04/05/2006: A lot of time has gone since my last comment:Bullish explosive run!
01/10/2005: CHART OF THE MONTH !!
Call it BIG W or RECTANGLE --> Looks to me like a big trend-continuation pattern.
250 /- last hurdle; Once broken,expect explosive run like in the years 2002 // 2003.

*00 $HUI - Weekly version '$HUI Monthly-Portrait' chart above

28/08/2016-->Weekly, major, distribution has started!?
04/05/2006--> Importance of HUI-leadership relative to $GOLD/GLD [GLD mimics the price of GOLD].

*000 $HUI - Weekly Candlesticks, 2 Years, Bullish Percent Concept

26/02/2009-->Bullish Percent Concept flipped from $HUI to GDX [Market Vectors Gold Miners ETF].

*000 A $HUI - Daily Candlesticks, MA?s, Price Performance relative to GOLD

24/06/2014-->Bearish Engulfing Pattern!

*000 BA $HUI:GLD - 'Model 6.5 scale'

05/01/2007--> NEW RATIO CHART for the Precious Metals sector
Basic principle:
Whenever RS $HUI is in Xs against the price of GOLD [GLD], positions are held as long as the RS chart is in Xs.
Rebalancing only when RS chart column changes to Xs or Os.
Simple rule !

*000 CA $HUI:GLD - 'Model 3.25 scale'

05/01/2007--> NEW RATIO CHART for the Precious Metals sector
Basic principle:
Faster scale - more for trading !
Whenever RS $HUI is on a 'buy-signal' against the price of GOLD [GLD], positions are held as long as the RS chart is on a 'buy-signal'
Rebalancing only when RS chart column changes to Xs [RS increses] or Os [RS decreases]
Simple rule !

*000 S 21 $GOLD:$USD - Weekly Line GOLD/Currencies-Ratio?s

15/02/2013-->GOLD is slowly breaking below the 200-day (MA 40) moving average.
24/08/2012-->GOLD ($GOLD) is breaking above its 200-day (MA 40) moving average.
2/07/2012-->$Gold in Euro relationship within longer term blue triangle. Trend confirming!?
02/11/2006: GOLD gains relative strenghts in other currencies & is a relative leader here--> GOLD on the move.

*000 S I22 $XEU - Weekly Candlesticks, 2003, Behind: $USD

29/12/2013-->Time for an EURO pullback?
20/08/2013-->Strong action for the Euro - above resistance 134!?
03/03/2013-->Trendline break in conjunction with a MACD Sell Signal!
31/05/2012-->The EURO is entering a support zone /- 120. Vice versa a resistance for the US-Dollar is near.

*000 SR R21 SPY:IJR / Big Cap:Small Cap-RATIO

03/05/2006: One theme of this 'Bull market' has been a good and relative outperformance by the SMALL CAPS.
If we see a turn in the RATIO-Chart, we could see an end of the run-up, too.
In general SMALL CAP leadership: in uptrends are Small Caps outperfermormer (a falling ratio) - in downtrends underperformer !

*000 SR S111 IJR - Small Caps-Weekly Candlesticks-trend chart

27/09/2014-->Testing important support zone
04/05/2006: Small Caps in strong uptrend, above all moving averages (acting as support) & the green uptrend-line.

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