My Index Trading Signals, February 17, 2018

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Swing Trading

Ten specific signals on the index charts applicable to both swing traders & investors.
The more charts agree, the more confidence we can have in the signals, but no signal works every time, use stops if you choose to use these signals.

SIGNALS: 70% long, 30% cash or hedged

2/17 no changes
2/15 new signal chart z (sorry for delay, chart updated after I posted)
2/12 no signal changes, added some personal observations to last 3 big pic charts
2/2 new signals charts 2 and 3
1/30 new signal chart z
1/16 new signal chart 9
12/19 new signal chart z
12/11 new signal chart 9
12/6 new signal chart z
11/29 new signal chart 9
11/26 new signal chart 9
11/21 new signals charts 2 and z
11/16 chart 3 back to long, chart 2 another very close call
11/15 charts 2 and 3 did not make the signal cross 'same time' but close enough to go to cash (defensive)
10/25 new signal chart 9
10/17 new signal chart z
9/11 new signals charts 2 and 9

If you find the signals helpful, please vote! I'd love to hear feedback!
Nothing I'm showing is trading advice.


1. $CPCE

2/12/18 You are looking at a 10sma overlay of the $CPCE which is invisible on this chart. No secrets here!
12/10/14 To those who have asked, this is not a trading system chart, I use it for sentiment only.

2. $INDU

3. $SPX

4. $SPX Intermediate trend signals

5. $INDU - Investor Special

6. Never miss the big trends!

7. $SPX:$USB

8. NYSE Percent of Stocks Above 200 Day Moving Average (EOD) ($NYA200R)


9a. SPY

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