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TECHNOLOGY FROM FEBB.2016 - James Britton (5 years)


183 0 0 Chart Patterns
Market Timing
Cycle Analysis
24 October 2016, 20:30

Unique Overbought and Oversold Oscillator Charts for short to long term

23 74 56 Cycle Analysis
Market Timing
Market Breadth Analysis
26 October 2016, 10:59
Market Analysis / Summary - Charles Christie (7 years) Author is a PRO member

These Charts serve as the Basis of our Quantitative Analysis Methods.

127 2 0 Trend Analysis
Cycle Analysis
Market Timing
12 October 2016, 15:29

I'm showing my proprietary cycle analysis coupled with technical analysis..

82 3 12 Cycle Analysis
Swing Trading
26 October 2016, 0:31
$SPX - John Malecki (6 years)

SPY, SPX, BKX and a couple mo-mo's

180 0 0 Language: English
General Market Commentary
Cycle Analysis
23 October 2016, 16:31
Market Trend Analysis: New Simple Graphs - Wayne Mcdaniel (14 years)

Weekly Market Analysis

81 5 1 Chart Patterns
Cycle Analysis
Market Timing
26 October 2016, 17:53
Market Rhythm - Dale Purdy (9 years)

A set of tools to identify market tops and bottoms

154 0 0 Cycle Analysis
Market Timing
Trend Analysis
26 October 2016, 10:01
Vandeveer. - Michael Quinlan (8 years) Author is a PRO member

China correction.

145 2 0 Cycle Analysis
Fibonacci Studies
Market Timing
26 October 2016, 3:19
StochTrader - Derkjan Van Veen (4 years)

StochTrader - Proprietary Trend Trade & Investment Principle -

130 1 0 Trend Analysis
Cycle Analysis
26 October 2016, 16:34
Trends and Cycles - Randolph Walls (8 years)

charts used to post to IHub boards

165 0 0 Cycle Analysis
Point and Figure Charting
Market Timing
6 October 2016, 20:26

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