Index and Market Indicator Catalog

There are many indicator and index groups in the symbol catalog. Chartists can easily distinguish these because their symbols begin with either a Dollar Sign ($) or an Exclamation Point (!). The articles below highlight the different groups so StockCharts users can make the most of our website. Each article explains the grouping, shows an example chart and provides symbol examples. The articles also contain links that chartists can use to see a current list in our symbol catalog.

When looking at the data sets, note that StockCharts uses a three-step process to calculate breadth indicators based on stock indices or ETFs. First, StockCharts maintains component lists for these indices. Second, our scan-engine uses these component lists to run scans based on the price data for the individual stocks. Third, the data is then updated and published to our website.

Note that there are sometimes multiple sources for the same data series, such as new 52-week highs on the NYSE. The data at StockCharts may differ from other sources for two primary reasons. First, there may be differences in the index components. Index components change and require updates on a regular basis. Second, there may be differences in the open, high, low, close and volume data for an individual stock. StockCharts uses dividend-adjusted data for its calculations, while other sources may use non-adjusted data.

Symbol Groupings