Welcome to's “ChartSchool.” Here you can learn all about the analysis of stock charts (also called “Technical Analysis”). This section of our site is continually growing as we add more and more articles and information so check back often and send us your feedback so we can make ChartSchool even better.

Note: ChartSchool contains articles about technical analysis in general. If you are looking for documentation about how to use the charting tools on, please click here.

ChartSchool Table of Contents

  • Overview of Financial Analysis-
    Articles that help you understand what Technical Analysis is and is not, what Fundamental Analysis is, why someone should analyze securities at all, and more.
  • Charts and Chart Analysis Methods-
    Articles that describe the various kinds of financial charts and methods for analyzing them including trendline analysis, support and resistance, chart pattern analysis, Point & Figure charts, Kagi and Renko charts, Japanese Candlestick charts and more.
  • Technical Indicators and Overlays-
    Detailed articles about all of the technical indicators, market indicators and chart overlays used on
  • Market Indicators-
    Descriptions for the major market indicators used on
  • Market Analysis-
    Articles on various schools of market analysis including Dow Theory and Elliott Wave Theory.
  • Trading Strategies and Guidelines-
    Articles about how to use technical analysis to make better trading decisions.
  • Glossary-
    Definitions of the charting terms used at
  • Technical Scanning-
    Articles on creating, running and interpreting technical scans.
  • Index Symbol Documentation-
    Documentation for the various index symbols at including breadth indicators, futures contracts, economic indicators and more.

How to Use Our Charting Tools

Articles about how to use the different kinds of charting tools on

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