CME Futures and Spot Prices

CME Futures and Spot Prices

Overview provides end-of-day (EOD) data for an array of futures contracts traded through the CME Group. The CME, CBOE, COMEX, KBCT and NYMEX are all part of the CME Group now. These futures contracts cover precious metals, oil, the e-mini and more. Spot prices are also available for select commodities traded through the CME. Users will see the words “spot price” in the name for these symbols. Spot prices can be used to create long-term charts for a specific commodity.


Symbol Group: CME 

Publisher: CME Group

Update Frequency: End-of-day (EOD)

Online Source:

Current Symbols: Catalog link 


Keep in mind that some futures contracts trade almost round the clock. For example, the E-mini S&P 500 contract trades 23 hours per day and five days per week (Monday through Friday). This makes the “opening” price almost irrelevant because there is no “overnight” period.

The symbols for these futures contracts consist of several parts. The first character is a caret (^), which is reserved for futures contracts. The next character or characters represent the name of the futures contract. For example, the “HO” in the symbol ^HOM13 stands for heating oil and the “S” in ^SH14 stands for soybeans.

The next three characters represent the month and the year of the contract. The last two numbers identify the year, while the letter identifies the month. ^SH14 is the symbol for the March 2014 Soybean contract. Below is a list of the corresponding months and letters.

  • F January
  • G February
  • H March
  • J April
  • K May
  • M June
  • N July
  • Q August
  • U September
  • V October
  • X November
  • Z December

Chart Example



Symbol Sample


Click here for a current list and to see the starting date for these symbols. The example above shows a partial list of symbols. Note that the starting dates are shown in the symbol catalog under the “first data point” column.

Users can find symbols for CME futures contracts by searching for “cme” in the symbol catalog (without quotations).