Morgan Stanley Indices

Morgan Stanley Indices


Symbol Group: Morgan Stanley

Publisher: NYSE Euronext

Update Frequency: Intraday

Online Source: 

Current Symbols: Catalog link 


Morgan Stanley created a number of industry-specific indices that are now published through NYSE Euronext. Of note, the MS Consumer Index ($CMR) represents the consumer staples side of the economy and the MS Cyclical Index ($CYC) represents the cyclical side. These two can be used to analyze the market's appetite for risk. Consumer stocks are stronger when investors prefer safety. Cyclical stocks are stronger when investors embrace risk.

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Morgan Stanley Indices

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Click here for a current list and to see the starting dates for these symbols. The example above shows a sample list of symbols. Note that the starting dates are shown in the symbol catalog under the “first data point” column.

Morgan Stanley Indices

All index symbols use INDX for the exchange column (Exch) in the catalog results. Users can therefore preface their search with INDX and then add other terms to further quantify the search. Searching for “INDX and Morgan and Stanley” (without quotations) in the symbol catalog will show results for all indices with the words “Morgan Stanley”.

Morgan Stanley Indices

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