MSCI Indices

MSCI Indices


MSCI, which is a product of Morgan Stanley (MS) and Capital International (CI), provides indices that focus on emerging market countries, developed market countries and various stock groups. For example, the MSCI EAFE Index is a benchmark designed to measure the performance of international stocks in developed markets outside the US. These indices are also used as the benchmarks for many ETFs and mutual funds.


Symbol Group: MSCI

Publisher: MSCI

Update Frequency: Intraday or End-of-Day (EOD)

Online Source:

Current Symbols: Catalog link 

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MSCI Index

Symbol Sample

Click here for a current list and to see the starting date for these symbols. The example above shows a sample list of symbols. Note that the starting dates are shown in the symbol catalog under the “first data point” column.

MSCI Index

The MSCI index symbols have the word “msci” in their name. As such, users can also find these indices by searching for “msci” in the symbol catalog (without quotations). All index symbols start with a Dollar sign ($), are shown first in the table and have INDX in the “Exch” column. The non-index symbols are shown below the index symbols. These represent stocks, ETFs, ETNs and mutual funds.

MSCI Index