NYSE Equity Indices

NYSE Equity Indices


NYSE Euronext publishes a handful of stock indices using stocks from the NYSE. There is a composite index, a top 100 index, a pair of international indices and some sector indices.


Symbol Group: NYSE Equity Indices

Publisher: NYSE Euronext

Update Frequency: Intraday

Online Source: NYSE Equity Indices 

Current Symbols: Catalog link 

Chart Example

The chart below shows the NYSE TMT Index ($NYY) with a 50-day and 200-day moving average. This index can be plotted using intraday data as well.

NYSE Equity Indices

Symbol Sample

Click here for a current list and to see the starting date for these symbols. The example above shows a sample list of symbols. Note that the starting dates are shown in the symbol catalog under the “first data point” column.

NYSE Equity Indices

All index symbols use INDX for the exchange column (Exch) in the catalog results. Users can preface their search with INDX and then add or subtract other terms to further quantify the search. Searching for “INDX and NYSE 100 world TMT energy financial healthcare -arca” (without quotations) in the symbol catalog would show results that include the NYSE Equity Indices.

NYSE Equity Indices