S&P GSCI Indices

S&P GSCI Indices


GSCI stands for Goldman Sachs Commodities Index. S&P, of course, stands for Standard and Poor's. Goldman Sachs originally developed this series of commodity indices to cover the major commodity groups. These indices are weighted according to world production, which means the most prevalent commodities carry the most weight. The S&P GSCI indices cover energy, agriculture, precious metals, livestock and industrial metals. The “Total Return” version of these indices measures a fully collateralized futures investment that is rolled forward each month. The indices based on spot prices are not subject to collateral or rollover issues.


Symbol Group: GSCI

Publisher: S&P Dow Jones Indices

Update Frequency: Intraday

Online Source: www.spindices.com and www.goldmansachs.com 

Current Symbols: Catalog link 

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S&P GSCI Indices

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Click here for a current list and to see the starting date for these symbols. The example above shows a sample list of symbols. Note that the starting dates are shown in the symbol catalog under the “first data point” column.

S&P GSCI Indices

All index symbols use INDX for the exchange column (Exch) in the catalog results. Users can preface their search with INDX and add another term to further quantify the search. Searching for “indx and gsci” (without quotations) in the symbol catalog will show results for all S&P GSCI indices.

S&P GSCI Indices