US Treasury Yields

US Treasury Yields


The US Treasury publishes yields for Treasury Bills (short-term), Treasury Notes (medium-term) and Treasury Bonds (long-term). This data is end-of-day (EOD) with closing values only. Treasury yields move inverse the Treasury prices. Yields rise when Treasury prices fall and yields fall when Treasury prices rise.


Symbol Group: US Treasury Yields

Publisher: US Treasury 

Update Frequency: End-of-Day (EOD)

Online Source: US Treasury Yields 

Current Symbols: Catalog link 

Chart Example

The chart below shows the 5-Year US Treasury Yield ($UST5Y) with a 50-day and 200-day moving average.

US Treasury Yields

Symbol Sample

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US Treasury Yields

All index symbols use INDX for the exchange column (Exch) in the catalog results. Users can preface their search with INDX and then add or subtract other terms to further quantify the search. Searching for “treasury and indx and US and yield” (without quotations) in the symbol catalog would show results that include the US Treasury Yields. Each term following the “and” is required.

US Treasury Yields