Recommended Sites

Recommended Sites

Here are some of the best financial web sites out there. Period.
This isn't just a list of every Web site under the sun. We've only listed the sites that are really useful and/or unique. These are the sites that we have personally bookmarked and that we visit regularly.

Best Market Indicators and Historical Market Charts:

If you like our site, we guarantee you'll like this one too. Carl Swenlin has created a Web site that is full of the best market indicator charts available anywhere. In addition to charts for each of the major markets, Carl does the work to give you market indicators for each of the major sub-markets like the Nasdaq 100, the S&P 500, and the Russell 2000. Want to see the Advanced-Decline line for Small-Cap stocks? Carl's got it. Charts of Investors Intelligence data going back to 1978? Carl's got it. Over 500 different unique charts and data sets. Highly recommended!

Most Comprehensive Financial Web Site Directory:

Jon Walker works hard to make THE most comprehensive Web site directory available anywhere. If it's a financial Web site, it is listed here somewhere.

Runner Up:

Best All-Around Financial Web Site Directory: - Stocks

Only the cream of the crop make it into Michael Griffis' NetLinks directory and they all reflect Mike's no-nonsense approach to the world of investing. The site also contains articles, a discussion board and a free newsletter. Check out this sample article on investment scams to get a feel for Mike's approach.

Runners Up: - Investing

Best Investor Education Site: (other than ours of course!)

Best Investor Discussion Board: has surpassed Silicon Investor as the best place to discuss any topic associated with investing online. In addition to providing free access to its boards, InvestorHub allows members to include chart images in their posts easily. Founder BobZ and his helpers do a great job of keeping people on-topic and flame wars to a minimum.

Runners Up:
Silicon Investor

Best Source of Economic Data:

Ed Yardini's Economics Network

Ed Yardeni has maintained one of the best Economic sites on the web for years.

Runners Up:
St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank's FRED Database