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Agrium (AGU) And Potash (POT) Discuss Merging


Two of Canada's largest companies in the Agriculture related space confirmed they were in merger discussions on Tuesday. While Agrium (AGU, AGU.TO) is widely considered an acquisitive company, this has not been the history for Potash Corp. (POT, POT.TO).

A few things need to be reviewed here. First of all, Potash prices have been struggling since the collapse of the potash marketing consortium, Canpotex. As this Potash pricing problem doesn't appear to be resolving itself anytime soon, Potash is struggling. It appears that Agrium wants to continue to expand its vertical integration model for supplying the farmer. With a retail arm firmly in place, Agrium does a nice business supplying the farmer with crop inputs and then helps them with the sale of the grain during and after the harvest through their network of grain terminals. 

Let's look at the charts to see what might be happening technically. Starting with Potash Corp, the stock is roughly  half of its preceding market value before the breakup of Canpotex. Again, Canpotex was the marketing consortium controlling price on Potash. Before Tuesday's announcement, Potash's US listing was trading at $16 USD which is  about 25% of the 2008 high of $65. That can motivate a management team to look for strategic alternatives.

A look at the Canadian Potash Corp (POT.TO) listing shows a similar trend that includes the $CADUSD currency changes. I stretched out the chart to 10 years to show the all-time high. The 3:1 represents a stock split. We can see the SCTR for the last year has been one of the lowest, longest periods for the stock.

Agrium (AGU) is a different beast. They have a vast business with many moving parts. Some hedge fund managers  think breaking it into smaller businesses is beneficial for short term gain. We have seen that play out in multiple oil companies that broke upstream away from downstream and the result crushed the shareholders who disliked the instability of the stock through the business cycle.

Agrium has been a compiler of different parts of the business into a vertical model. Agrium has a vertical integration model that is unique but Janus Capital and others have tried to blow it up. I won't try to suggest I know what's best. The bottom line is the compression in some of the crops has hurt Agrium. The move today closed Agrium near the neckline of a one-year head/shoulders pattern.

The Canadian listing of the Agrium stock (AGU.TO) is of huge interest to Canadian investors. There is so much to like about where this closed. A solid kick above the down sloping trend line. It marks fresh 2016 highs. Rarely are both companies up on news like this. Both Agrium and Potash exploded higher. This one has an interesting treat that shows the momentum just turning positive. If this was a new uptrend for the stock with positive momentum kicking in, that would be extremely bullish!

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Greg Schnell
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