The Traders Journal

November 2019

The Traders Journal

Market Correction Coming: Here's Your Action Plan

by Gatis Roze

If you don't really know yourself, the market is an expensive place to learn about your "Investor Self". This axiom is most essential and relevant during a market correction... Read More 

The Traders Journal

Don't Be A Mystery Box Investor: Blending Technicals, Fundamentals and Observationals For A More Stable Approach

by Grayson Roze

Quick, don't think, just answer – what's your favorite thing about investing? I can't answer for you, but I can tell you mine. I admit it, I have a problem. I'm a true stock junkie through 'n through. I love the markets. I love the whole system of it... Read More 

The Traders Journal

Your Shortcut to Stock Market Mastery: ChartPack Update #25 (Q3 / 2019)

by Gatis Roze, Grayson Roze

Investing is like a plumbing game. For this reason, the organization and organization of your ChartLists, along with your routines, matter big time! Figuring out where the funds are flowing and adjusting your piping system accordingly is the key objective... Read More