The Traders Journal

January 2020

The Traders Journal

Here's Where Your Profits Will Be In 2020: ChartPack Update #26 (Q4 / 2019)

by Gatis Roze, Grayson Roze

Free money! Get your free money here! All you have to do is be willing to get off the sofa and walk over to the corner of the house where you adjust your portfolio. It's literally that easy. That's how simple it was using the ChartPack in 2019... Read More 

The Traders Journal

Do You Use The "Krauthammer Conjecture" To Improve Your Sell Discipline?

by Gatis Roze

I know a majority of my fellow investors are also ardent sports fans who live-a-little or die-a-little with each win or loss by their respective team. The parallels to investing are self-evident. Afterall, our portfolios of equities are our teams as well... Read More