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The Secret to Outperformance: Personal Teflon and Velcro - ChartPack Update #28 (Q2 / 2020)

by Gatis Roze, Grayson Roze

What is the singular attribute absolutely ALL successful investors you can name possess? It's resiliency! Consistency, profitability and longevity demand that an investor maintain an even keel through many challenging market cycles... Read More 

The Traders Journal

"10 I'm Stalking" - Top Charts and Intriguing Trades (Week of 07.13.2020)

by Grayson Roze

Every weekend, my "Sunday Portfolio Review" ends with the same rigorous search process. With my market evaluation and portfolio analysis routines complete, I turn my attention to the discovery phase. This is the fun part... Read More 

The Traders Journal

Here Comes The Sun

by Gatis Roze

I'm in the midst of a major life change. After 25 years in downtown Seattle, I've decided to move my office. Doing this during the fog of a pandemic seemed irrational at first blush... Read More