Technical Scans

Technical Scans


Technical scans search our entire database of tens of thousands of ticker symbols and return only those symbols that meet your exact technical criteria. Using our Scan Engine, your scan can quickly filter out irrelevant stocks and uncover those gems that meet your investment requirements.

A Technical Scan consists of one or more technical criteria. These criteria can include everything from the exchange a stock trades on to whether it has just had a MACD crossover. The criteria can be joined together with logical “ANDs” and/or “ORs” to form more complex scans. Ultimately these criteria are checked against every single ticker symbol in our database automatically to find ticker symbols that meet the criteria.

Once all of the symbols in our database have been checked, we show you the scan results: a list of all the symbols that met your requirements. You can review the results, and save or download them for later analysis.

StockCharts Extra and Pro members can create and run their own custom technical scans with whatever technical criteria they want. We provide two different workbenches for creating custom technical scans - our Standard Scan Workbench and our Advanced Scan Workbench.

Scanning Documentation

Check out our detailed scanning documentation below to learn more about all aspects of scanning.

Getting Started

  • Introduction to Scanning - the basics of scanning in one quick article. What is scanning? How does the Scan Engine work? What different ways can you scan?
  • Planning Scans - best practices for deciding what to include in your scan

Using the Workbenches

  • Advanced Scan Workbench - learn to use our recommended tool for creating, running, and managing technical scans
  • Standard Scan Workbench - while we strongly recommend the Advanced Scan Workbench, the Standard Scan Workbench can still be a good educational resource for users learning how to write scans
  • Working with Scan Results - learn the best ways to manage the results that are returned by your scan

Creating Scans

  • Writing Scans - the nuts and bolts of building scans; this guide will give you all the basic skills you need to begin writing your own scans
  • Troubleshooting Scans - when your scans are not giving you the results you want, check out our Troubleshooting Scans article for tips on resolving scan issues
  • Getting Help with Scans - still struggling with scans? This article can point you in the right direction, with links to several scanning help resources available on our website

Scan Writing Reference

  • Scan Syntax Reference - our comprehensive reference guide covering the scan syntax for all types of scan clauses, including technical indicators, candlestick patterns, ticker properties, groups, functions, and more
  • Advanced Scan Example Library - a collection of sample scans for members to study

Additional Resources