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Take the SCU Certified ChartWatchers Exam

Prove to yourself and to the rest of the investing community that you have the knowledge necessary to be a successful technical investor. (You'll also save on all future StockCharts bookstore purchases!)

Learning the skills needed to become a successful Technical Investor takes time and focus. The Certified ChartWatchers Exam helps you learn the key aspects of Technical Analysis and then lets you prove to yourself and others that you have the skills necessary to succeed.

The Exam itself consists of 80 questions that cover all aspects of using Technical Analysis and using's tools. The test is delivered online via your web browser. While the questions are thorough, experienced StockCharts users shouldn't find them too difficult. You are allowed to use our website while taking the exam. There is no time limit however the Exam should take less than an hour to complete.

When you pass the exam, you are awarded the title "Certified ChartWatcher." This title appears inside your StockCharts account and on your Public ChartList. Maybe most importantly you'll receive a valuable 50% off coupon you can use to save on all future purchases in the StockCharts bookstore.

“The field of Technical Analysis has long needed a way to help newcomers measure their progress as they learn how to analyze charts. The ChartWatchers Certification Exam provides that way. It gives you a reason to learn more about chart analysis that hasn't existed before.”
- John Murphy, Chief Technical Analyst,, Inc.
“The ChartWatchers Certification Program is helping me get prepared to earn my Certified Market Technician designation next year.”
- Ben Shelton, 6 year StockCharts Member
“There is much more to Technical Analysis and than just creating simple charts one ticker symbol at a time. The Certified ChartWatchers Exam gives everyone a reason to learn about ALL of the tools that we provide.”
- Chip Anderson, President,, Inc.
“Finally there's a certification exam available for non-professionals and people just starting to learn Technical Analysis. This will be very good for the industry as a whole.”
- Hank Pruden, Professor of Technical Analysis, Golden Gate University School of Business

Taking the ChartWatchers Certification Exam costs $29.95
but it can save you many times that amount in the long run by
using your 50% off coupon on all future purchases in
the StockCharts bookstore!

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Take our free, 10-question Sample Exam to see what the real certification exam is like:

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