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The Canadian Technician Video Recording 2017-08-22

This recording has some bright spots showing up in Commodity related countries with the Brazil market breaking out to 6-year highs. That is very bullish for commodities. The real problem is that a lot of the Canadian sector charts are at pivotal levels. If they can hold and break higher, that will be bullish. For some reason, a lot of the defensive sectors are also setting up topping patterns. This is puzzling. If they are breaking down, are we about to see broad rotation into the primary Canadian sectors? Or is everything lining up to sell off? In a recording with a lot of potential setups, it shows why now is the time to watch this market closely.

Canadian Technician Video Recording With Greg Schnell 2017-08-22 from on Vimeo.

Good trading,
Greg Schnell, CMT, MFTA


The Canadian Technician Video Recording 2017-08-08

The Canadian Technician Video Recording is available.  Two charts that were very interesting were the Canadian Financials and the Consumer Discretionary charts. If they could break out of the momentum trends they are in, in might be a beautiful rally into the fourth quarter. But the charts are currently on the fence, with a drought on one side and greener pastures on the other.

Canadian Technician Video Recording With Greg Schnell 2017-08-08 from on Vimeo.

Good trading,
Greg Schnell, CMT, MFTA


Fertilizer Related Stocks Start Showing Green Shoots

Agriculture stocks have been on a slow burn for shareholders. Continually drifting lower, frustrating even the most patient investors, it's been a difficult few years. Perhaps there is a light at the end of the field, or is it just another firefly?

Let me start with our Canadian Agriculture plays and work into the US market.

Agrium on the $TSX, AGU.TO (also on NYSE at AGU). The SCTR is sun-rising above 30 from an oversold level. The Full Stochastics have turned up like weeds in summer. The MACD has also flipped onto a buy signal. That is the optimistic side. The Relative Strength is still very, very weak. The volume is meagre and the the price is below the long term 40 WMA. Some signs of a sunrise, but we are not in the heat of the day yet.

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Canadian Airlines Start To Soar With The US Airlines

Air Canada (AC.TO) has been flying (not good to say an airline is 'on fire'), but the other airlines are starting to get the memo. Looking through all of the Canadian airlines, the group looks ready to push higher. Not just one winner, but five winners. The US Airlines have been breaking out too.

Let's start with Air Canada's leadership (AC.TO).

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Canadian Market In Correction

After months of watching the oil stocks underperform crude, the broader Canadian $TSX was able to withstand some of the selling. Now the breadth of the market has shrunk considerably. All market breadth measures are weak.

The chart below shows the Bullish Percent Index ($BPTSE). This measures the number of stocks on a buy signal. The blue vertical lines on the chart show when the $BPTSE breaks below the 40 Week Moving Average shown in green from a really high level. The correction is usually considerable. This correction has just started.

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