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DecisionPoint Alert

Monthly Chart Review - Intermediate-Term Indicators Balk

by Erin Heim

Today's DP Alert will include a review of the monthly charts in addition to my regular daily commentary. In the major indexes covered in the DP Chart Gallery, we see that large caps are still in rising trends across all time frames (green arrows in top half of Scoreboards). Momentum on the other hand is mixed. Indicators in  Read More

The Canadian Technician

Finding Some Top Stocks In Canada's Bear Market

by Greg Schnell

Hidden in the demise of the commodities are some gems in other industries. Companies in Aerospace, Biotech, packaging, insurance, and water purification just to name a few are working to transform their businesses and change investor outcomes from the common names in Canada. Some are well above consolidation, so I won't cover them here, but there are some nice stocks that look ready to  Read More

Don't Ignore This Chart!

A Boring Biotech that Deserves a Second Look

by Arthur Hill

Gilead is up for the most boring biotech award because the stock has traded relatively flat since September 2014. Despite numerous crosses of the 105 area, the overall trend is still up and chartists should watch for a breakout to signal a continuation of this uptrend. On the price chart, GILD recorded 52-week highs in late 2014 and mid 2015. The stock also held support in the 95 area from...  Read More

Dancing with the Trend

CGMBI-Composite Indicators-Chap 9

by Greg Morris

Before we being the review of Chapter 9 for the 2nd Edition of The Complete Guide to Market Breadth Indicators, I am proud to announce that after over a year of work with many of the fine folks at, the book is now available in Kindle format from Amazon.    Read More

Trading Places with Tom Bowley

Bullish Continuation Patterns Emerge; Stocks Poised To Move Higher

by Tom Bowley

Market Recap for Friday, November 27, 2015 Action was solid on Friday, although a bit bifurcated.  The Dow Jones was the only major index to finish in negative territory as this index of behemoth blue chip companies tries to negotiate short-term resistance from 17800-18000.  Check out the visual: The Dow Jones has been trending higher and remains in a bullish uptrend...  Read More

RRG Charts

Strong rotation for AFL within the financials universe (XLF)

by Julius de Kempenaer

Summary MS weakest stock in the universe Don't chase PSA AXP continues to nose-dive VTR accelerating into lagging quadrant BK ready to break higher AFL offering opportunities   In my previous blog, we looked at sector rotation in the US based on the traded (State Street)...  Read More

Sun, Nov 29


$SPX: Volume and Momentum Issues

by Carl Swenlin

When performing index analysis, I normally prefer to use the SPDR because that is the trading vehicle, as well as a "total return" view of the index. In this case we are looking at on-balance volume (OBV), and I wanted to be sure we were considering all the volume associated with the index, not just the volume of the SPDR. As the rally from the November low progressed, I noticed that...  Read More

Sat, Nov 28

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Market Message


by John Murphy

SMALL CAP INDEXES TURN UP -- MIDCAPS ARE RIGHT BEHIND... Smaller stocks are not only catching up to larger stocks, they're starting to do better. That normally happens near yearend in anticipation of the "January Effect" when investors favor smaller stocks. Chart 1 shows the S&P 600 Small Cap Index ending the week at the highest level in three months. It  Read More

Fri, Nov 27

The Traders Journal

How A Fellow Investor Critiqued This Trader

by Gatis Roze

My motives in writing these weekly blogs and in teaching investment classes are in part selfish ones.  I write and teach to become a better trader myself.  By weaving together the key attributes that I deem most useful in trading the stock market and sharing them with other investors, I find that I've woven them together more effectively into the fabric of my own trading. Two eyes are...  Read More

Wed, Nov 25

Commodities Countdown

Is The Big Picture On Energy About To Change Away From Fossil Fuel?

by Greg Schnell

These charts are some of the highlights of The Canadian Technician webinar on Tuesday, November 24th. That webinar can be seen by following this link. The Canadian Technician 20151124. During the presentation, I made a case that some of the solar charts are pushing up against long-term downtrend lines and this is an important time to watch. An example...  Read More

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Martin Pring's Market Roundup

Time To Watch Those Commodities Like A Hawk

by Martin Pring

CRB Composite touches a 40-year low but is deeply oversold Oil is also at critical support Short-term commodity picture finely balanced but narrowly favors the bears Dollar Index is back at its March 2015 high Some short-term dollar indicators starting to roll over Long-term commodity picture Chart 1 shows that the CRB Composite ($CRB) has fallen back to a...  Read More

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