Charting Tools -

Here are our main charting tools. They can be used by anyone however members that use these tools will see additional features like intraday updates, larger chart sizes and more historical data. (For more information on membership, click here.) You can learn more about using these tools by watching our instructional videos and reviewing our educational blog articles.


Candlestick, Line, Renko, Kagi, Ichimoku, and OHLC Bar charts.

Create a SharpChart:

User-Created SharpCharts:

Point & Figure Charts

Old-school charts with Xs and Os that filter out market noise automatically.

Create a P&F Chart:


Dynamically compare the performance of up to 10 different ticker symbols. Choose from our predefined PerfCharts or create your own:

Create a PerfChart:

(Use commas to separate multiple tickers.)

Seasonality Charts

Charts that show a stock's monthly seasonality trends.

Create a Seasonality Chart:

CandleGlance Groups

Up to 10 mini-charts side-by-side on one page. Choose from our predefined groups or create your own:

Choose a Major Industry Group:

Create a CandleGlance Group:

(Use commas to separate multiple tickers.)

Gallery Charts

Multiple time-frame charts for short, mid, and long-term analysis of a ticker symbol.

Create a Gallery Chart:


'Visually scan' large groups of stocks for interesting technical situations. Choose one of the predefined MarketCarpets listed below:

Relative Rotation Graph (RRG) Charts

Charts that show the relative strength and momentum for a group of ticker symbols.