Historical Chart Gallery

Here is our collection of significant long-term charts in large format for detailed study. The charts in this gallery are static however members of our PRO service can create live versions of them and then modify and/or annotate them within their own accounts. These charts are updated every Friday evening after the market closes.

  • Important Market Indexes - The Dow Averages, S&P 500, NYSE Composite, Nasdaq Composite, Gold, Silver, Crude Oil, US Dollar, Currencies, Treasuries, Prime Lending Rate, Employment, Housing Starts, CPI, PPI, GDP
  • Market Fundamentals - S&P Earnings and P/E Ratios
  • Market Breadth Indicators - Advance-Decline Line, Arms Index (TRIN), McClellan Oscillators, New Highs-New Lows, Put/Call Ratio
  • Four-Year Presidential Cycle - charts for each term of every US President going back to 1900.
  • ...more to come.

NOTE: This area is still UNDER CONSTRUCTION and some things are not fully working yet - like the ability for members to click on a chart to see how it was created. That should be available "soon."