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New Sector Summary Features Leads to the Strongest Performers


The new SCTRs feature at is great for finding stocks that are doing well based on a wide variety of technical factors however sometimes you want to focus in on performance.  We've all heard it before - "Buy the strongest stocks in the strongest industries in the strongest sector" - but how do you find those stocks?  Enter the StockCharts Sector Summary.

I'll let you click around in there on your own and see what is currently doing well.  It is pretty straighforward.  To find the strongest of the strong, simply click on the top item until you can't drill down any more.  When I did that this morning, I got PLG.  Here's the chart:

(Click the chart for a live version)

Definitely headed in the right direction although the support from the 50-day MA needs to push it out of the trading range it was in for most of March.

Anyway, enjoy the new Sector Summary feature and watch for additional improvements to appear in the coming days and weeks.

- Chip


Chip Anderson
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