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Whether it's a brand-new feature you've never seen before or a powerful improvement to a tool you already love, we're always working on something new and exciting behind the scenes here at StockCharts. Browse the list below to learn more about our latest releases and see what we've been up to.

  • "Introducing StockChartsACP: The Future of Technical Analysis"

    Our new interactive Advanced Charting Platform - StockChartsACP - has arrived, and we're taking a deep dive into the future of Technical Analysis with some of the industry's top chartists and most seasoned strategists.

    Join Chip Anderson (Founder and President, StockCharts), Grayson Roze (VP of Operations, StockCharts) and David Keller (Chief Market Strategist, StockCharts) as they sit down for an exclusive series of in-depth discussions with charting legends like John Murphy, Ralph Acampora, Martin Pring, Larry Williams, Arthur Hill, Dave Landry, Mish Schneider and others.

    In these fascinating conversations, you'll hear their perspectives on how charting and technical analysis have evolved over the years and, of course, dig into the features of ACP to explore how the experts are using the platform in their own approach to today's markets.

    Introducing StockChartsACP
  • "StockChartsACP" Has Arrived!

    Our New Interactive, Full-Screen Advanced Charting Platform – The Next Generation of StockCharts Technology and The Future of Technical Analysis

    We are thrilled to announce the official version 1.0 release of StockChartsACP. Designed to transform the way you view the financial markets, ACP brings you an ultra-dynamic, highly-engaging, insanely-flexible charting experience unlike anything you've seen before. We've taken our award-winning approach to charting and turned it up to 11.

    True full-screen charting is now at your fingertips, with an interactive experience that allows you to scroll through time on your charts like never before. Stunning visualizations, dozens of indicators, overlays, and chart types, advanced customizations and powerful integrations directly in the charting platform - it's all there in ACP.

    Electrify your analysis with striking, unique color schemes, and create customizable multi-chart layouts at the click of a button. Save your charts and custom ChartStyles, and even access exclusive plug-ins from industry-leading chartists and renowned indicator creators.

    Plus, with StockChartsACP, we're introducing a powerful integration with Tradier Brokerage. StockCharts Members can now get unlimited, commission-free trading for US equities, right on ACP. Streamline your investing workflow with advanced charting and lightning-fast trade execution, all in one powerful platform.

    StockChartsACP Advanced Charting Platform StockChartsACP Advanced Charting Platform StockChartsACP Advanced Charting Platform
  • Now Playing: "Your Daily Five" on StockCharts TV

    With key insights and top charts from leading analysts, "Your Daily Five" is a concise yet action-packed daily rundown of the five most important charts you need to be watching. Each episode during the week features a different host, bringing a wide variety of perspectives and strategies to your screen every day.

    New episodes air weekdays at 1:00pm ET, only on StockCharts TV.

    Your Daily Five StockCharts TV
  • "The Big Board: Behind The Scenes At The NYSE"

    In this two-part special from StockCharts TV, David Keller, CMT (Chief Market Strategist, StockCharts) and Grayson Roze (VP of Operations, StockCharts) receive a behind the scenes tour of the historic NYSE trading floor from Jay Woods, CMT, Executive Floor Governor and designated market maker with IMC.

    Learn about the history of the exchange, see how the traders on the floor operate, hear how charts factor into Jay's unique role as a market maker and go inside the heart of global finance in this rare, in-depth exploration of the New York Stock Exchange.

    The Big Board StockCharts TV
  • "Navigating a Bear Market" ChartPack

    Exclusively for StockCharts Members, we've collected the most important charts from 13 of our top contributors and organized them in a special "Navigating a Bear Market" ChartPack that you can install right into your own StockCharts account.

    Based on the presentations that were covered in our recent StockCharts TV special, "Navigating a Bear Market", you'll be able bring these experts' charts straight into your own workflow and follow along with the presentations while analyzing the latest charts in your own account. We've even included three bonus lists with charts from John Murphy, Martin Pring and Grayson Roze.

    Navigating a Bear Market ChartPack
  • "The Pitch: 15 Stock Ideas In Uncertain Times" on StockCharts TV

    Three of our top contributors - Tom Bowley (EarningsBeats.com), Mary Ellen McGonagle (MEM Investment Research) and Grayson Roze (VP of Operations, StockCharts) - sit down with David Keller to share five of their most strategic stock picks for today's chaotic conditions.

    Dive into the action with these seasoned equity analysts as they reveal the themes they are tracking, names they are following, and the charts they are watching to find strength in a time of uncertainty for markets. Plus, see how they respond as David Keller brings our three experts together for a Q&A session to close out the panel.

    The Pitch StockCharts TV
  • Now Playing: "Mish's Market Minute" on StockCharts TV

    Join veteran swing trader Mish Schneider weekly on "Mish's Market Minute" as she covers key market relationships across equities, commodities, bonds and currencies. She'll talk you through the action, walk you through her charts and demonstrate how her trading plans are evolving for the current climate.

    New episodes air Fridays at 12:30pm ET, only on StockCharts TV.

    Mish's Market Minute StockCharts TV
  • Pre- And Post-Market Data, Now On "Symbol Summary"

    Expanding on our new "Symbol Summary" research tool, we've added after-hours data for both the pre- and post-market trading sessions. You can now view after-hours moves for US stocks and many major ETFs, helping see how the markets are reacting to earnings reports or the latest company news.

    With pre- and post-market pricing added to "Symbol Summary", our team is now working on incorporating this data into our charts and other pages around the site. Stay tuned for much more coming soon!

    After Hours Data On StockCharts
  • Now Playing: "Behind The Charts" on StockCharts TV

    Featuring exclusive, behind-the-scenes interviews with the charting world's very best technical minds and financial analysts, this unique show brings you timeless wisdom and invaluable insights each and every week. Hear the stories behind the legends and the history that made them such successful market technicians as we take you "Behind The Charts".

    Catch new episodes LIVE, Mondays at 12:00pm ET only on StockCharts TV.

    Behind The Charts StockCharts TV
  • Introducing "Symbol Summary"

    A Full Quote Summary Page for Stocks, ETFs, Mutual Funds and Indexes, Including Technical Stats, Fundamentals, Earnings, Dividends, Corporate Info and More

    We are thrilled to bring you a powerful new way to analyze stocks, funds, indexes and more on StockCharts with the introduction of our Symbol Summary page. Designed to complement the "Full Quote" option on SharpCharts, the Symbol Summary provides a complete overview for the symbols we cover on the site.

    From a single page, you can see the latest price info, view a chart in multiple timeframes, browse high-level summary stats, fundamentals and popular technicals, get earnings dates and dividend info, visualize the symbol's latest SCTR info, read full company or fund descriptions, and much more. With tons to explore in this dynamic resource, this just might become your new favorite StockCharts tool.

    StockCharts Symbol Summary
  • "50 Years On Wall Street" Feat. Ralph Acampora | A StockCharts TV Exclusive

    In the first original documentary from StockCharts.com, Ralph Acampora, the Godfather of Technical Analysis himself, takes David Keller on a tour through the history of the stock market with a visual unlike anything you've ever seen – the side of his very own barn. Listen and watch as Ralph reflects on his five decades in the markets in this exclusive, up-close look at one of the world's great minds of market analytics.

    50 Years On Wall Street Feat. Ralph Acampora
  • Arthur Hill's "Next Level Charting" on StockCharts TV

    Designed to help you step up your analysis process, “Next Level Charting” shows you how to combine classical charting techniques with quantitative insights. Catch new episodes from Arthur Hill LIVE, Thursdays at 12:00pm ET only on StockCharts TV.

    Next Level Charting
  • Introducing "ChartList Reports"

    Daily and Weekly Performance Summaries Sent Right To Your Inbox

    To further enhance one of our most popular members-only tools - ChartLists - we've added a powerful new tracking feature called "ChartList Reports". With the simple click of a checkbox, you can now turn on daily or weekly ChartList Reports for any of your saved lists and we'll automatically email you a performance summary for all the stocks, funds, indexes or other securities saved in that ChartList after the market closes.

    StockCharts ChartList Reports
  • David Keller's "Morning Coffee Routine" ChartPack

    Follow the markets through David Keller's eyes and make his "morning coffee routine" your own with this unique ChartPack. Free to install, you can add this expertly-curated collection of ChartLists to your own StockCharts account in seconds.

    David Keller
  • Crypto Data, Now On StockCharts

    24/7 Real-Time Pricing And Advanced Charting For Digital Assets

    With the addition of 24/7 real-time price data for the market's most important cryptocurrencies, you can now use StockCharts to track, chart and analyze the crypto market like never before.

    StockCharts Crypto Data
  • "Your Dashboard" Upgrades

    More Data, Better Charts, ChartList Actions And New Content

    For StockCharts Members, "Your Dashboard" has been upgraded with some major enhancements. This includes a totally revamped Market Overview panel with more data than ever before, a Sector Summary option for the data panels on Your Dashboard, the ability to add new symbols to your top ChartLists right from the dashboard, a Latest Articles panel that includes recently-published articles on StockCharts, and a StockCharts TV panel with the live player and a quick link to new episodes.

    StockCharts Members Dashboard
  • StockCharts TV "Fall Lineup"

    We've kicked off the fall with the launch of six new exclusive shows from David Keller, Larry Williams, Dave Landry, Julius de Kempenaer, Tom Bowley, Chip Anderson. Hosted by some of the industry's leading technical chartists, you can count on these shows to provide helpful, actionable, insightful market commentary.

    StockCharts TV Logo
  • The "Advanced Scan Editor"

    Create Powerful Technical Scans With Ease

    As you write your custom technical scans, our new Advanced Scan Editor provides helpful tips, warnings, error messages and other guidance while you work. This addition to our scanning workbench is designed to help you take your scanning to the next level.

    StockCharts Advanced Scan Editor