Don't Ignore This Chart!

Dean Foods (DF) is Really Milking It Right Now


Has anyone else noticed how well Dean Foods (DF) has been doing recently?


DF has had a top SCTR score for a while now and it continues to move higher.  Don't forget to check the SCTR pages frequently to find similarly strong stocks.

Extra members should also try incorporating SCTR scores into their technical scans.  For example:

[today's SCTR.sp5 > yesterday's max(20, SCTR.sp5)]

This scan finds all of the S&P 500 stocks whose SCTR ranking is higher today than it has been during the past 20 days.  In other words it shows you the "up and comers" of the Large Caps.  Enjoy!

- Chip

P.S. Creating the chart above is pretty easy.  Starting from a default SharpChart of DF, it only took me 7 mouse clicks.  Let me know if you can beat that number - I bet someone can...

Chip Anderson
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