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The World's Greatest Hobby: Trading in Hawaii



I’m sitting on the lanai of a condo here at the Mauna Kea on the Big Island of Hawaii watching the sun peek above the ocean horizon, and I’m digging into the question of why a disproportionate number of my winning trades have occurred on these vacations. My journals have notes written in Hawaii over a couple of decades and several dozen trips. The results are indisputable, but why? Some observations:


  • In the morning, listening to the Hawaiian birds and feeling the warm breeze is a catalyst for really listening to the market and feeling its moods in its most pure form. It’s as if my senses are in overdrive.
  • Reading Investors Business Daily while the fishing boats head out to sea seemingly allows me to absorb the news and charts with a healthy detachment, being far from Wall Street. It’s a powerful separation.   
  • The clutter, responsibilities and concerns of my daily personal life back home are minimized adjacent to a palm tree. Less is more here.  
  • For years, my son and I have been discussing the market as we play lacrosse on the beach everyday. Sharing a passion with someone you are mentoring seems to result in unexpected benefits.  
  • The trend on these visits over the years has shown improving results. This is due in part to my own growth as a trader, but I believe embracing technology gets some credit, too. With powerful laptops and wi-fi, my office literally comes with me to Hawaii.

Okay, so I’m spoiled. You are probably asking how you can benefit from these observations when you are sitting there in Dallas. I’m not suggesting you get on a plane and come to Hawaii. What I’m suggesting is this:

  • When you travel, embrace technology and use it to continue participating in the markets. Ignoring the markets while away is NOT an option.
  • Be passionate about your hobby.  Sharing that passion will make you a better trader.
  • As best as you can, limit the distractions in your life when you are focusing on the markets.  
  • Maintain an arm’s length relationship with the news; focusing instead on what your charts are saying will yield profits.
  • Find your “personal place” where your physical and mental being allows you to operate at one hundred percent.

I challenge anyone to show me a hobby that compares to trading. One week I’m in Philadelphia, the next in Hawaii, and my hobby follows me. The bottom-line is that with discipline and devotion, you too can make this happen for yourself and your family.

So…anyone interested in starting a quarterly investment club in Hawaii?!  Mahalo and Aloha.

Trade well; trade with discipline!
-- Gatis Roze 

Gatis Roze
About the author: , MBA, CMT, is a veteran full-time stock market investor who has traded his own account since 1989 unburdened by the distraction of clients. He holds an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business, is a past president of the Technical Securities Analysts Association (TSAA), and is a Chartered Market Technician (CMT). After several successful entrepreneurial business ventures, Gatis retired in his early 40s to focus on investing in the financial markets. With consistent success as a stock market trader, he began teaching investments at the post-college level in 2000 and continues to do so today. Learn More
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