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Fresh Macroeconomic Look after CPI

Mish Schneider

Mish Schneider

Director of Trading Education, MarketGauge.com

I was honored to spend time on Making Money with Charles Payne, which airs on Fox Business, and give a brief glimpse into why I'm not as bearish right now based on the macro. (link below)

My macro take based on business cycles and zooming out on the charts? The economic contraction based on a longer business cycle timeframe or six to eight years, might be done. The 80-month moving average (green line) held in small caps (IWM), retail (XRT), and transportation (IYT). That doesn't mean we start expanding, though; it just means the market looking forward, might trade to the upper regions of the trading range. That is the Stagnate part of stagflation.

On the other hand, the business cycle within the longer cycle or two years as measured by the 23-month moving average (blue line) has yet to pierce to the upside, except in a couple of sectors like semiconductors (SMH). Thus, growth stocks could expand further while the "inside" parts of the US economy remain sideways for longer. Hence, we have bad news and good news.

  • The bad news is the indices, and many sectors, are rangebound and may remain so for a long time.
  • The good news is the indices, and many sectors, are rangebound and may remain so for a long time.

We still believe that the SPY could clear over the 23-month moving average. Ultimately though, the small-caps (IWM) must follow. Two scenarios can spoil the party:

  1. If IWM fails the 80-month moving average going into more of a recessionary cycle, the worst influence is the Regional Banks. That would force SPY to reconsider the rally.
  2. IWM holds, yet cannot get above 190–200. In that case the SPY could be at 240 and still reverse course.

Clearly, you can see the difference between the small caps and the S&P 500 on the daily timeframe.

A first step would be for IWM to rally above the 50-day moving average or blue line. Then, maybe, we are on the way to more upside. It's a shorter-time frame but a good start if it can happen.

Real Motion Momentum is "meh" in the SPY and about to enter a bear phase in the IWM. Momentum needs to clear back over both moving averages in IWM to get even more interesting.

More macro:

High-grade corporate bonds (LQD) and high-yield high-debt junk bonds are in trading ranges. However, seasonally and historically, yields tend to peak in May. Considering the CPI numbers, that's possible.

The US dollar is holding major support, testing the lows of its two-year business cycle expansion. That is a good line in the sand. Furthermore, gold and silver are also now range-bound, albeit at higher levels. Copper and platinum are strong. Soft commodities, especially sugar, and cocoa are strong. Food prices remain the stickiest part of inflation.

That is the Flation part of stagflation.

The CPI numbers exclude food and energy. Plus, global inflation still high.

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ETF Summary

  • S&P 500 (SPY): 23-month MA 420
  • Russell 2000 (IWM): 170 support - 180 resistance
  • Dow (DIA): Dancing on the 23-month MA
  • Nasdaq (QQQ): 329 the 23-month MA
  • Regional banks (KRE): 42 now pivotal resistance-holding last Thurs low
  • Semiconductors (SMH): 23-month MA at 124
  • Transportation (IYT): 202-240 biggest range to watch
  • Biotechnology (IBB): 121-135 range to watch from monthly charts
  • Retail (XRT): 56-75 trading range to break one way or another

Mish Schneider


Director of Trading Research and Education

Mish Schneider
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