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$COMPQ 20211230
$COPPER 20211013 Weekly 3 yr
$DJUSAG 20211015
$DJUSAL 20211015
$DJUSAR - Dow Jones US Airlines Index $DJUSAR
$DJUSAT 20211001
$DJUSBK - Banks - 20210924
$DJUSBS 20211114
$DJUSCA - Gambling - 20210924
$DJUSCH Chemicals 20211015
$DJUSDN 20211008
$DJUSDS 20211029
$DJUSHP 20211029
$DJUSHV 20211001
$DJUSIL - Life Insurance 20211024
$DJUSIL Life Insurance 20220114
$DJUSLG Hotels - 20210924
$DJUSMF Mortgage Finance 20220114
$DJUSMT Marine Transport 20211015
$DJUSNF - Dow Jones US Nonferrous Metals 20211015
$DJUSOQ Oil Equipment, Services 20220114
$DJUSOS Oil and Gas 20211128
$DJUSRB Retailers 20211114
$DJUSRR 20210930
$DJUSRR Railroads 20211015
$DJUSSW 20211210
$DJUSTY 20211029
$DWCREE Renewable Energy Equipment 20211015
$WTIC 20210913